Chapter Twelve

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Paisley's Point of View

"Are you going to give me chicken if I climb up here?" Liv said loudly, not aware of the volume of her voice as she loosely hung onto the structure where the roses intertwined beneath my balcony. Liv was super tipsy and getting her to sneak back into my house was a mission that I had to complete.

"Yes, I'll give you all the chicken you want." I lied, I had to say whatever I could in order to get her into my bedroom. Before Liv and I had left earlier we had locked my bedroom door, in order to keep Orin out and unaware of our absence.

"Yippee!" She yelled.

"Shhh." I said as she climbed up, then she repeated my "Shhh." and giggled lightly.

I couldn't believe how tipsy Liv was. Toby has explaining to do.

She had finally reached my balcony and rested there until I had climbed up.

Darn. I had to give Stephan credit, this wasn't as easy as it looked and I was surprised that Liv had managed to do it in the state that she was in.

"Bring me my chicken. Chicken is life." She giggled as I climbed up and couldn't help but laugh at her words.

"I'll get your chicken soon." I said putting one foot after the other and then I had finally reached the place where she was. The moon glowed like a glowstick in the dark as the stars surrounding it sparkled like rocks of silver.

Toby had dropped Liv off in front of my house and Stephan had dropped me off three houses away as I requested, due to the fact that Orin would hear a car pull up outside and sprint to the front window to see if it was me. I hope and pray that he had never noticed Liv's arrival.

We tiptoed our way into my bedroom from the sliding door on the balcony. Liv stumbled over a few things in the dark but she hadn't made as much noise as I expected.

"You okay?" I asked holding her one arm in order to catch her from falling.

"Yes yes yes." She said and then fell onto my bed purposely.

"Paisley, I like Toby." She whispered.

"You do?" I replied.

"Yes, he's, nice." She said and cuddled a pillow that laid on my bed.

"That's what you always say and then a week later, you can't stand the guy anymore." I said and then laid myself down next to her as I watched her smile with her eyes closed, her blonde hair was messy, she looked like a beautiful troll doll who fell through a bush.

"Orin called Stephan, I think he knows we had left the house." I said as I tried to detangle her hair.

"Oh noooo." She said sloppily. "Orin's going to kill us." She continued while still keeping her eyes shut.

"I know, but we just have to deny everything, then I guess we'll be okay." I smiled while still wiggling my fingers through her mess.

"I love you Paisley Charles." She spoke in the sweetest tone.

"I love you too, Olivia Portland." I smiled and then cuddled up to my best friend that reeked of alcohol but I didn't care. My body rested itself finding the perfect position to lay in and then it fell deeper into a slumber as I felt my mind slipping away.

"Good morning little sister." I heard a voice coming from beside me. It was sunny outside but for some reason darkness hovered above me. My eyes were sealed like a ziplock bag and then I slowly lifted my lids to see Orin standing beside my bed with a smug look on his face.

"Hey Ori." I said wiping my eyes. "How did you get in here?" I asked because I remember locking the door.

"I found a spare key this morning so in future this locking door business is not going to work out for you."

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