Chapter Sixteen

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Stephan's Point of View

I felt the clean alcohol burn inside of me as I swallowed it straight from the bottle. I stood on the wet sand staring at the water. The water was so fucking calm, the exact opposite of what I was at that point in time.

"Steph, come on man what the fuck?" I heard Toby's voice as he came walking up from behind me, appearing in the dark night.

"Don't what the fuck me man. You fucking kissed her!" I yelled as we stepped closer to each other and then the angry Toby came out to play. I could see it in his eyes, he was about to lose it. The moonlight made his eyes shimmer revealing to me the psycho within.

"You fucking said it was okay Steph what the fuck man!?" He screamed and then stepped up to me with his jaw clenching and shoved me back by my shoulders causing my anger to erupt inside of me. I then tossed the bottle from my hand onto the sand, not giving a fuck where it had landed and then forced Toby back with strength using my hands and shoving harder than I had indented to, causing his body to stumble backwards.

"I know what I fucking said! But you!" I pushed him one more time. "You, know that...I like her. You fucking know that!" I admitted.

"You need to sort your shit out! If you didn't want me to kiss her then why not fucking say so!?"

"I thought I wouldn't feel anything!" I raised my voice while staring him in the eye. "I thought that you kissing her would spark no emotion! But it fucking did man and don't act so fucking innocent, licking your lips after kissing my girl and staring me right in the fucking eye while doing it!" I paused and shook my head.

"That's like fucking spitting in my face." I said finally.

"You calling her your girl? Fuck it man are you hearing yourself? You have no fucking right to be angry nor call her your girl, you go out and fuck sluts but you wanna call paisley your girl." He laughed out of anger. "You cant have em both Steph. Yeah she's going along with your bullshit now, but soon enough she will get fed up and make you choose between her and your lifestyle...then what Steph? We both know that you're never going to choose her, so don't string her along man and as long as you're fucking hoes on the sideline, that's makes Paisley fair game to any guy that wants her." He continued and ended his words off with a filthy look in his eyes.

Fair game? This fucking pussy must be out of his god damn mind, calling my girl fair game!

"Are you one of them Toby? You want what belongs to me?" I yelled as we stood face to face, my brows were pressed together and my eyes stood big as it stared him down, while the saliva stretched from my top set of teeth to my bottom set as I roared with full volume. I was about to go at him and punch the fuck out of him and I could see that he was wanting to do the same thing as he clenched his jaw, but her voice had brought Toby and I both back from an evil place.

"Can you guys stop! Just stop! For Pete's sake! Stop!" Yelled Blueberry as she pushed Toby and I from each other, appearing in our company without me even knowing how the fuck she had gotten there. Toby and I had both positioned our body's to face Blueberry as she stood there out of breath, panting like a tired dog and by the look of it I'm guessing she had ran over here when she had sensed Toby and I were about to fight.

"He's acting like a fucking bitch." I said to her and then I continued. "Blueberry, we're leaving. Let's go home." I said calming myself as my voice came out so gentle when it had spoken to her. She then stood there not knowing what to say nor do. Toby and I kept our eyes glued to her as we watched her confused eyes.

"Paisley, I'll take you home. He has been drinking and I think it's safer if you drive with me." Toby interrupted before Blueberry could even think.

I'm not even Fucking drunk, you cunt!

I then narrowed my eyes and laughed at what a fucking dick he was being. I gathered all of the salvia from my mouth and then spat it out onto the sand.

"Wow, you're unbelievable bro...fucking unbelievable." I shook my head with a smile of amazement. "Blueberry look baby, you can decide who you prefer driving home with." I sighed. "I'll be waiting in the car, if you decide to leave with me." I continued and then had my feet carry me across the sand as I left them behind in order to head to the parking lot where I had parked my car.

Toby had never acted this way before, when I had looked into his eyes the Toby I knew was gone and in his place was a beast ready to kill.

I looked down at my feet as I stepped across the sand and noticed that my Nikes had sand stuck to them.

Fucking great.

"Steph, you okay?" Carley said when she had caught up to me after springing herself up from the sand as I strolled past the click, not saying a word to anyone.

"Yeah." I said as I turned to face her, my eyes then stopped and stared at Blueberry and Toby having a conversation as they stood on the beach, where I had left them. Toby then walked first and then Blueberry followed behind him as they headed to the parking lot where I was currently standing in. Carley then left after watching me with concerned eyes as I got into my car and slammed the door shut once I was inside.

I sat in the drivers seat and pressed my forehead against the steering wheel as I had hung onto it, letting out a deep sigh. I heard the passenger door open and then I twisted my head to see Blueberry sit down beside me.

"I honestly thought you were going to leave with him." I said calmly as I stared into her blue moons while my head still rested on the steering wheel.

"I wouldn't do that to you Stephan." She smile and then said. "I care about you." While scrunching up her nose in a cute way. She then reached her hand over to me and lifted my jaw up with her index finger, she stared at me with nurturing eyes which was so hard to resist.

I was mad at her, upset because she continued to kiss Toby and allowed him to touch her but I didn't have any right to be mad at her...Toby was right, I didn't own her and she wasn't my girl but I wanted her to be.

I wanted her to be mine but I clearly wasn't ready to be hers yet. I had to fix myself and prepare myself for her, because she was pure perfection to me. I wanted to be the best version of me, for her....she deserved that.

"I'm sorry for acting like a dick, twice in one night." I smiled and lifted my head from the steering wheel. I sat upright, still griping onto it.

"It's okay, you're in love with me so I'll excuse your behavior." She laughed, making me spread my lips wide, creating a smile just for her.

"I'm not in love with you Blueberry." I said matter-of-factly. "I'm...just in like with you." I admitted.

"What?" She said with wide eyes and I think what I had just said was something she desperately wanted to hear.

"I like, really like you." I blurted out but she just stared at me as her teeth crushed the corner of her bottom lip, while her lips curled up creating a half smile. She was silent.

"What? are you not going to admit that you like me too?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Nope." She laughed.

"You're in denial, you know that?" I smirked.

"Stephan." She turned to face, this was it. This was going to be the moment where she admitted that she liked me. She gazed deep into my eyes and then cupped my cheeks with both her hands bring me closer to her, temping me to kiss her but I didn't want to, not tonight...

I didn't want her to think that our kiss came from a jealous place, she was so god damn beautiful though and it was hard to contain myself. "Start the car." She said building me up and then breaking me down.

I then slowly broke my head free from her hands as I chuckled under my breath and then topped it off with a smirk. I pressed the key into the ignition and then twisted it to hear my motor sing it's beautiful song.

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