Chapter Twenty-Two

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Paisley's Point of View

"Blueberry, I need you to listen to me right now sweetheart." He said as he stood in the doorframe of his bedroom. The lights dim as his eyes looked stressful, they stared at me which automatically caused worry in my eyes to occur but before I could say anything he had stepped closer, taking a breath as I watched him exhale.

"Toby's inside and Lana's in trouble...I need to leave now." He explained as he walked over to his closet in order to grab a hoodie and held it in his right hand as it was swirled into a scrunched up bundle.

"Leave? Stephan. We just kissed and now you have to leave." I said as my eyes widened. "Stephan what is going on?" I demanded an answer as I brought my hands to my hips, posing like a model while my eyes burned at him for answers.

"I don't know, but I'm going to find out." He said.

"Steph man we need to go! Now!" Toby yelled from inside causing both of our heads to turn as if Toby was standing in our company.

"Yeah!" He yelled in returned and then he faced me. "I'll be home soon then we can talk, okay?" He said sweetly as his hands gripped the top of my arms.

I was so confused . I had no freaken clue as to what was happening but I just had to accept it, there was nothing I could do about it.

"Okay." I replied and then he pulled me closer to him with his left arm, gripping me around my waist. "Listen, when you get back you owe me." I said pushing my index finger against his chest.

"Yes ma'am." He smiled. "But for the time being Blueberry I think it would be best if you headed over to your moms. I don't want you to be all alone." He suggested and then I nodded in agreement.

I followed him into the lounge and then saw Toby standing impatiently waiting for Stephan, his hair a mess and his eyes looked drained from joy. He wore dark blue jeans and a tight fitting navy blue crew neck and then Toby's eyes caught sight of my existence.

"Pais." Toby smiled while saying my name as if it was a greeting.

"Hey." I replied softly and then I followed his eyes as they quickly shifted from me to meet Stephan. Stephan's blue eyes watched Toby nod his head in the direction of the front door before his feet had carried him out, leaving Stephan and I behind in privacy to say goodbye before Stephan's departure.

"Blueberry." Stephan started to say but then I had shook my head with a small smile on my face, telling him indirectly that it was okay for him to leave. "Go. I understand." I said as I lifted my hand and then allowed my fingers to rest itself upon the pale smooth skin of his warm cheek.

I felt him step closer as his lips curled up while his eyes stared into mine. "I'll. Be. Home. Soon." He said pecking me softly with his pink lips between each word, his kisses had sent me into a world where only the two of us existed. "Don't think that we've kissed once it automatically means that you can kiss me all the time." I blushed, feeling my cheeks reddened like a ripe tomato as my words slid from my lips but I still said it fiercely with attitude as I heard him laugh.

"Is that so." He smirked as he kissed me one more time pressing his lips against mine. "Stop." I giggled and pushed him back while he chuckled and then he grabbed my hand and it was the first time he had ever held my hand, his thick fingers intertwined with mine connecting our bodies, causing butterflies to flap inside of me.

We then stepped out of his house and sighted Toby leaning against his Porche with one foot crossed over the other, waiting for Stephan's arrival. I then hugged Stephan before heading over to my house as he whispered "Sleep tight sweetheart." Into my ear while I inhaled his scent. Shortly after I had let go of him even though it pained me to do so and then I made my way into my house while Stephan watched over me before leaving to make sure that I had entered my home safely.

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