Chapter Twenty

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Paisley's Point of View

My mind was focused as my fingers gripped the dart between them. My eyes small as it stared deadly at the bullseye on the round dartboard that stood a distance away from me, pressed up against the wall of the bar that was located back home in Forrest Dale. Orin had decided that it would be nice for us to be home for an afternoon to catch up with our friends, which basically meant that he could kill two birds with one stone, spending time with me and pleasing Mel by being home again and getting to spend more time with her as well.

Liv sat on top of Preston's Lap as she cheered loudly while the music of the bar played softly in he background.

"Liv, I'm trying to concentrate." I said to her with a smile as I tilted my head to face her.

"Concentrate? Oh my god Paisley I've seen you do this with your eyes closed." She rolled her eyeballs inside of their sockets as her blonde silky hair ran past her shoulders, her fingers cupped a cider while Preston's hand cupped a beer.

Preston was the school's hunk and Liv's new love interest. He was a bit shy but extremely sexy, instead of being a bad boy he was actually a really sweet boy, way too sweet for Liv. God...she should really get into something stable.

I then cleared my mind and focused it back on the bullseye and in one clear cut I had hit it perfectly in the middle.

"Bullseye!" My eyes gloated. Liv clapped her hands together smiling widely, excited for my throw.

"Are you fucking kidding me!? That's like four fucking times in a row!" Orin seemed amazed. "I forgot how good you were at this Pais." He smiled and then took a gulp of his beer by placing his lips on the top of the brown glass beer bottle while the liquid rushed down his throat.

"Im the best." I laughed.

"Whatever." He smiled. "Hey, Preston wanna shoot some pool?" Orin nodded his head in the direction of the pool table that stood beside us as he grabbed a stick and then walked closer to where the grassy green layered bored stood.

"Sure man." Preston agreed and then Liv lifted herself from his lap and then kissed his lips before leaving him in Orin's care. Orin and I both watched the kiss she had given him. It was so slow and sexy as if she was trying to make Orin jealous, which would be totally gross because Orin was like an older brother to her. I'm sure it wasn't her intention to make it seem as if she was trying to accomplish just that but it sure had looked the part.

"Liv, pull your tongue from the poor boys throat. I kind of need him alive for this game." Orin smirked tapping his stick twice against the wooden frame of the pool board in order to gain their attention.

Liv then rolled her eyes as she let go of Preston causing him to chuckle as he then retrieved a stick for himself. The boys then began to pack the balls into the black triangle while Liv and I walked off a bit further to have a seat at one of the round tables.

The low lightbulb hung from the ceiling as a shade wrapped around it. The light beamed on us causing our whole table to light up. I watched Liv as she placed her bottle on the table as a small smile appeared on her face while her blonde hair looked ever so luscious as the light made it shine so perfectly.

"So...Preston?" I said giggling.

"Oh my god. That boy hardly talks, thank god he's good looking." She shook her head causing me to laugh.

"But Pais I don't want to discuss my boring love life. Tell me how things are going with you and Stephan?" She said and just when she had mentioned his name it automatically caused a smile to dance upon my face.

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