Chapter Four

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Paisley's Point of View

"You may enter!" I bawled before Orin had thrusted the door open slowly with his heavy hand and sauntered inside to find me wrapping my dark strands around my hot curling iron that I had held firmly in my right hand. I sat comfortably in a white chair as I stared at my motion in the mirror.

"What's the occasion?" He asked as his brows pressed themselves together in confusion. My eyes raced over to see his presence as I gave him my full attention by placing my curling iron on the white dresser that neighbored me.

"I just feel like looking pretty, that's all." I told him a complete lie. I couldn't tell him the truth he would have a cow, a horse and a baby dinosaur if he knew that my plan was to sneak off and head to a street race with Charlie Sheen by my side, he was convinced that Stephan was an exact replica of Charlie Sheen, so that's what Orin had decided to call him.

Stephan had many drunken nights in the past two weeks and it never went unnoticed, he had always woken up the neighbors with his clumsiness as he stumbled over things. It was obvious that he was a party animal and it was even more obvious that Orin's hatred for him had increased a few levels. The more Orin had observed him, the less Orin had liked him.

"Okay...." He said with caution as he squinted his grassy eyes and then shook his head to brush off his thoughts.

"Look Paisley, I'm going home but I'll be back tomorrow...Mel needs me. I was wondering if you wanted to come along and visit dad?" He questioned me and compressed his navy blue hoody in his hand as his sharp cologne traveled to my nostrils causing me to sneeze.

"Not tonight Orin, dad called me to say he'll visit soon so...I'll wait for him to come." I said grabbing a tissues from the dresser and fluffed my nose gently with the soft paper.

"Okay Pais, well...I'm leaving now. Enjoy your evening." He smiled as he stepped up to me and kissed me gently on my forehead. The warmth of his lips lingered on my skin and a small smile stretched with limit between his pale cheeks. His feet took off, leaving me behind as he disappeared behind my bedroom door.

"I'll call you when I get there." He yelled from outside of my room as his deep voice traveled to my eardrums.

"I'll be waiting Ori!" I bellowed in return as his heavy footsteps became lighter and then slowly vanished into nothing.

It took a few days for Orin to accept that this was now his life. He had a life that once again included a woman named Anita, that he refused to call mother. Although he was warming up to the idea of having her around, I've noticed. He had made progress concerning the relationship he had with her. He actually spoke to her now, of course not a full on conversation but he does mumble a few words now and then which...

is still progress nonetheless.

My mother had still put off explanations and conversation that she owed us concerning her eleven years of absence but I wasn't ready for that conversation yet either. I don't think any of us really were, so for now I think it would be best if my brother and I allowed my mother to continue pretending like we were The Brady Bunch.

My phone had vibrated as it laid on the surface of my dressing table. A message had popped up displaying itself in bold white letters as it ran across the screen.

"You can totally be Anastasia and he can be your Christian Grey lol." was what Olivia had texted me.

"Liv, it's the first time we're hanging out! Geez, we are not going to hop onto each other and start humping like rabbits on heat." I typed in response as I heard the clicking sound that came from my phone and then pressed send as a smile appeared on my face. I placed my cellphone down onto the dresser and continued to mold my hair to my liking.

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