Chapter Twenty-One

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Stephan's Point of View

I leaned my body against the kitchen counter as I stood with a beer in my hand, watching her.

I just couldn't stop watching her. Her beautiful body swayed to the beat of the music that blasted through my lounge speakers as if I was having a house party that only consisted of the two of us.

Her hair hung down her body in perfect loose waves of lusciousness as her hips moved like water swaying from side to side, her tight jeans exposed the shape of her legs and her short pitch black top revealed her abdominal area. Her dainty fingers wrapped themselves around a bottle of red wine that she had held so tightly.

It was safe to say that she was on her way to the land of slippery tongues and clumsiness but...fuck, I could watch her all day, she was now and officially my definition of beautiful even though my mind had not seen it when I had first laid eyes on her.

I was not drunk nor even close. I was a big drinker and I could handle my liquor but it was clear that she couldn't say the same.

I pulled my beer bottle up to my lips and took a refreshing sip and then a smile crept it's way onto my lips as I stared at her dancing with ease before my eyes.

"Stephan." She smiled as she looked over at me and then gulped down an amount of red wine as her Blueberry eyes glowed.

It was not my idea to drink, it was hers. I just supplied her with what she wanted and it was that precious bottle of wine that she just couldn't let go of.

"Blueberry." I replied as she leaned over to place her bottle safely on the stand where my PlayStation laid. Her incredibly amazing legs carried her body over to me, she prowled until she had reached me and then wrapped her fingers around my wrist.

"Come dance with me." She ordered and then pulled me along without thinking twice. She pulled me to the middle of the lounge where there was plenty of room. She then ran over to the cd's that laid in stacks near my TV, she selected one and then put the music in motion.

She stumbled as she walked back to me but I caught her by wrapping my arm around her waist before she had fallen.

"Elvis, Are You Lonesome Tonight." I smiled at her choice and then the music began to play. She then wrapped her arms around my neck causing my hands to automatically grip her waist gently. I pulled her body closer to mine and then she rested her head on my chest.

"My parents use to play this song all the time when I was a kid, you know before my mom left." She said. "I remember how happy I was whenever I would hear my dad play it, because for some stupid reason It felt like she was still there, cooking for us in the kitchen." She continued as her body swayed gently in motion with mine.

"Blueberry, you can talk to me about anything that's bothering you, you know that right?" I said as I held onto her sensing that she was still dealing with her family splitting apart.

"Yeah, I do...but you know Stephan...I won't. I don't like talking about stuff. I'll rather just push it aside and burry it, hoping to never deal with it."

"That's not healthy. You need to talk about things or else it will eat you alive." I said to her and then rested my cheek on her soft chocolate stained hair.

"No." She replied. "Can we please change the subject." She spoke.

"Are you sure?" I asked deeply concerned about her. I care about this girl and I don't want her to hurt. I don't want her to feel like she has to deal with things on her own.

"Yeah." She said simply.

"Just know that I'll always be here when you want to talk, okay?"

"Okay." She said as I felt her warm breath seep through my black t-shirt causing my chest to feel a slight heat travel upon it for a second or two.

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