Chapter Fourteen

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Paisley's Point of View

"Waiting outside." Is what his text contained as my eyes read the words. I didn't respond to it because I didn't have the time to. I was too busy getting ready.

I figured that taking a jog with Stephan this morning would distract my mind from last night that had gotten so intense due to Orin's burst of anger. I refused to dwell on it any longer. Dad was coming today and I wanted to be happy for his arrival.

I tied the laces of my sneakers and tied my hair up into a ponytail. I bolted through my bedroom and rushed downstairs to be stopped by Orin's voice.

"And where are you off to?" He said before I could exit this jail house I now called home.

I turned my body to face him as he stood in boxer shorts with a cup of coffee at hand and his light hair a mess from his slumber. He sipped it calmly as he waited for an answer.

"Jogging." I replied with a smile and in all honesty.

"Since when do you jog?" He asked and then took another sip, swishing the coffee around in his mouth and puffed up his cheeks as if he had just brushed his teeth and was now rinsing his mouth with water.

"Since now, Ori come's coming today and you know dad, he'll probably come early and I would like to be back before he arrives." I said sighing.

He then swallowed his coffee and paused in thought for a moment.

"Okay Pais..enjoy your jog." He responded and shoved his free hand into his boxer shorts scratching his crotch area.

"Ewww." I turned up my nose in disgust as I watched him do so and then he fake smiled as he poked a finger in his nose.

"Oh my god." I said and left in a hurry so I could escape that creature of disgust.

I walked over to Stephan who had waited patiently for me as he leaned against his car with a water bottle in his hand, a navy blue baseball cap on his head and stylish shades that rested above his nose.

"Really? You're going to jog in shades?" I asked in a flat tone and that had made him smile. He then removed them revealing his mesmerizing eyes, and then he placed it into his pocket.

"Well good morning to you too." He smiled as we stood by his car, the sun shone down causing our bodies to heat up and his car to shine like a diamond.

"You look cute in that cap." I said because he freaken did. He looked super cute in fact.

"Cute?" He chuckled. "Fuck sake. I'm a man, Blueberry." He bit his lip, "You can't call me cute." He laughed.

"Okay, you look super handsome in that cap." I smiled. "Better?"

"Much." he smirked and then his phone began to buzz, which caused me to roll my eyes in irritation. He than pulled it from his shorts pocket and held it up.

I looked down at the screen and read the name that lit up.

Lexi the town slut.

"Really?" I said and then he chuckled. The picture next to her name was a familiar face.

It was the girl from the bar.

Freaken great.

I then pressed on his screen and rejected the call. Just like that, without thinking twice. He half smiled and then he said.

"Fuck sake, who gives you the right to do that?" He raised an eyebrow trying to contain his smile.

"I'm sure that the town slut can find someone else to mess around with." I said confidently while giving him a thin smile.

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