Chapter Three

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Stephan's Point of View

"You racing tonight man?" Toby's voice was barely heard over his chewing as he had spoken. He leaned back against the candy apple red leather seat while chomping down on the fries he had ordered.

I was definitely up for a race. I've been tweaking my pitch black 1967 ford mustang fastback for almost two years now and it definitely deserved to get some fresh air. My beauty had been boxed up in my garage for too long and I've been off the streets for even longer.

I need to get out there again. Racing was an addiction. I needed to race as much as a meth addict needed meth.

"Definitely a fucking must!" I said confidently as I smiled over at Lana who was Toby's twin sister, she had sat across the table from Toby and I in Florita's diner.

"You guys should really be careful when it comes to racing, accidents happen very quickly my darlings." Lana commented as she smiled in return, not letting her eyes fall from my sight as her pink lips sparkled like Edward in those Twilight movies she had forced me to watch a few months ago. I don't mine women wearing make-up, Ive seen the confidence boost they've gotten from having that gunk all over their faces. I mean no make-up is probably best but if she feels good while wearing it then what the fuck by all means, wear make-up. I don't care, as long as I still get to sleep with you.

Lana was very attractive, I mean Megan Fox attractive. She had the number eight shape figure, legs up to her chin, great boobs and she was brunette, and fuck...I had a thing for brunette's.

Guys who don't, are insane.

Lana and I had definitely had sex before, multiple times but it was meaningless, sex was always meaningless in my opinion.

Lana had decided that it would be best to cut sex from our relationship and continue being "just friends". She ranted on about her having a boyfriend now and wanting to be faithful to him. I wasn't quite listening when she had explained her reason to me, I was mostly distracted by her amazing body and the dirty thoughts that ran through my mind at the time.

"Hey Stephan" Alexis Finn the town slut had strolled by our booth with her boyfriend as I noticed their hands were intertwined. Everybody knew she was a slut except for him, poor guy. I've slept with his girlfriend during their relationship more times than I can count and...

I was pretty good at math.

I nodded in response to her greeting and winked at her as she strolled by. I couldn't help but scan her body as she prowled in those black high heels. Damn, women in high heels were like Kryptonite to me.

My eyes followed her until she was seated in the booth with her boyfriend and then I shifted me vision to see none another than Blueberry sitting two booths away.

I haven't seen Blueberry in two weeks not that I care. In fact I couldn't care less about Blueberry but something about her was alluring. I mean she was pretty but not the type I usually go for. I liked women with plumped lips, big boobs and an amazing butt and Blueberry...her boobs were medium sized, her butt was average and her face looked way too innocent for my liking. I squinted my eyes as I examined her sitting by herself reading a book and drinking a large chocolate milkshake as the sun shone down upon her through the large window that neighbored her.

"Fuck man, if you're not going to talk to that hot chick. I will." Toby shrugged noticing my eyes were focused on Blueberry as he sat next to me lighting his cigarette with the purple lighter he had stolen from me a few days ago. Toby allowed the smoke to fill his lungs while Lana took a sip of her diet coke.

"Toby you know the rules, no smoking in my diner." Florita's sweet voice had reached my ears as I peeled my eyes from Blueberry to face her. Florita had shinny silver hair, wrinkly skin and she was as sweet as honey. Indeed the nicest woman I've ever met.

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