Chapter Ten

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Paisley's Point of View

"Stephan, where are you taking me to?" I smiled as I was seated in the passenger seat of his car for over twenty minutes.

Twenty freaken minutes!

Stephan and I had left the bar to go for a drive, which he suggested. We had left Toby and Liv behind because we didn't want to interrupt whatever they had going on.

I wasn't sure of what had washed over me in the bar but having Stephan openly admit that he had many females in his life, was something I thought would have made me run like Forrest Gump. But it didn't, his honesty was what I had valued. Don't get it twisted. His ways was not something I could accept easily just because he was an honest person but him being honest instead of lying, meant that there was hope for him.

Plus, I couldn't be mad at him. He wasn't my boyfriend and as far as I knew, Stephan and I were just friends.

The vibrating of his phone then pulled my attention.

"It's Toby." Stephan had said before he had answered the call.

"Hey man, you're on speaker. What's up?" he placed his phone on the dashboard and continued to drive. I enjoyed watching him as much as he enjoyed looking into my eyes.

"Where the fuck are you man?"

"I'm with Blueberry. I told you I'll be back later, you were too obsessed with Liv to listen to me."

"Oh yeah, I remember now." Toby laughed and then spoke again "Paisley?" He said.

"Yes Toby?" I said to him through Stephan's cellphone.

"Is it okay if I take your best friend home with me. I promise I'll bring her home safely."

"Oh my god Toby." I laughed. "Let me speak to her." I said.

"Hey Pais!!!" She yelled as if I was deaf.

"Hey Liv, you're going home with Toby?"

"Yeah, I need to have sex. I swear it's a drought down there, it hasn't rained in months."

Stephan laughed loudly causing Liv to hear him chuckle from beside me.

"Liv you're on speaker." I said slowly as if she couldn't speak English and then she giggled.

"Oh my god! Hey Steph!"

"Hey Liv." He smiled and raised his voice while staring forward as he drove.

"Okay fine Liv go with Toby, but call me when you're on your way to my house so we can meet there at the same time." I replied to her.

"Okay, love you Pais and bye Steph!"

"Love you too!" I yelled.

"Bye Liv." He said with a smile and then she hung up. He turned to face me as I noticed the cut on his lip looking a little better but his forehead was still a mess from the incident.

"Your lip's healing well and it's only been a day." I said to him.

"Why you looking at my lip, wanna kiss me?" He smirked while holding onto the steering wheel and then glanced quickly at me and then back at the road.

"No, asshole." A smiled widened on my face and then he rotated his head to face me and then said.

"If my lip wasn't a wreck, I would kiss you so intensely right now that our lips burnt. And I wouldn't stop until your lips awoken in realization that my lips was the only lips you ever wanted to kiss for as long as time." He had said those words easily with confidence as a cheeky smirk refused to wipe from his face.

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