Chapter Thirty-One

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Paisley's Point of View

My feet stepped down the staircase as the morning sun had kissed me, slowly awakening me fully in order for me to witness it's beauty.

My bare feet felt the cold floor with ever step I had taken. My blue eyes had moved to notice Orin seated at the kitchen table as he had eaten his breakfast in silence and then my eyes moved to the front door where my father was about to exit. He wore his fancy suit and new shoes which had my mind enter it's room of curiosity. It was Sunday, he doesn't work on Sunday so where was he off to.

"Dad?" I said as he rotated himself in order to face the source of where the voice had came from.

"Yes pumpkin?" He spoke with warmth.

"It's Sunday." I reminded him in case he had forgotten as I had stood in one spot raising my brows while a smile played on my face.

"I know honey, it's our staff function today so I'm heading over to the office." He said as he walked across the room in order to kiss me goodbye. His thin pink lips had quickly dented my checked and then he turned quickly in order to leave but I had pulled him back before letting him go.

"Your tie, dad." I said as I had noticed how crooked it was done and then I quickly redid it. He had thanked me by nodding and then he bolted to the front door while his new shoes had carried his feet.

"Okay, I'll see you later. I love you both. Paisley if you go to Liv or anywhere at all, tell Orin where you're going to. And Orin instead of going over to Mel's, why don't you invite her over that way you can be home for once." My father yelled wearing his excited face.

"Sure man." Orin raised his voice as he smirked still seated at the kitchen table.

"Oh and Orin." My dad paused in the door frame holding the door handle. "If you're going to have sex in my house do get rid of your condom wrappers. I hate being surprised when I push my hand down the couch feeling for the remote." He yelled as Orin chuckled and then my dad's eyes stared directly at me.

"You're so beautiful princess." He smiled his sweet smile. "Remind me to change your name to "taken" so when you introduce yourself to a guy it will sound like this "hi there, I'm taken."" he chuckled at his own joke.

"Dad! Oh my god! Just go to your staff function." I smiled as he laughed shutting the door behind himself.

I walked over to the kitchen and opened the fridge as I was in the mood for a nice ice cold drink. Coke, orange juice, eyes browsed  through all of the beverages and then I spotted lemonade.


I grabbed myself a glass and began pouring as I had remembered the phone call I had had with my mother last night and what she had told me to tell Orin.

"Mom said she's been blowing up your phone but you won't call her back. She misses you and she wants you to call her." I said and it was the first time in weeks where I had actually started the conversation between the two of us.

"Yeah, maybe I should call her later." He shrugged as I sipped my lemonade. I had almost spat my lemonade out as I heard his words. I was not expecting that. I was expecting "Fuck No!", "Why the fuck would I do that.", "She's dead to me."  Or something along those lines but his response was purely surprising.

"Okay." I said as I walked myself out of the kitchen and then I had heard his voice before I could take another step.

"Paisley, come here!" He demanded and then I turned my body and walked right back into the place I had just walked out of.

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