Chapter Eleven

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Stephan's Point of View

"Stephan." She spoke and then she was silent. "Don't you dare answer it." She said as my phone continued to vibrate in my hand.

I wasn't scared of Orin and if I wanted to spend time with his sister, I would. Nobody and nothing could ever stop me from doing what I wanted.

"Hey." I said answering the phone as Blueberry slapped her hand over her mouth to prevent herself from making a sound. Her beautiful eyes were as big as basketballs as she watched me hold the phone to my ear.

"This is Orin. Your neighbor and the brother of Paisley."

"Okay Orin. What can I do for you?" I smirked and I could tell that he could hear me smirking by the tone of my voice.

"Stop playing games. Where is my sister?" He said cutting to the chase. He reminded me of someone.

That lunatic Lexi.

I looked over at Blueberry and she looked as if she was going to pass out. I was sure she could hear what Orin was saying judging by the change in her facial expression when he had asked where she was. She shook her head slowly while still covering her mouth.

I wanted to tell Orin so badly that his sister was mine, she was with me and there was nothing he could do about it...but I wanted her on my side so I had to force myself to fight the urge.

"I don't know what the fuck you're talking about man. How did you get this number bro?" I saw her blow out wind as she sighed in relief of me not letting my anger of this kid acting like a dick get the better of me.

"Thats not fucking important. I know you're with my sister."

"Listen man, you call me at fucking...what?" I glanced at my wrist watch quickly. "2am to accuse me of being with your sister. Fuck sake. I think you need to go to bed." I said as I placed my free hand on her thigh and smirked while she placed her hand on top of mine.

"End the call." She mouthed.

"If you ever come near my sister I will- "

"You will what? Beat me up? I'd like to see you try tough guy." I laughed darkly into the phone as Blueberry sat beside me on the hood of the car chewing her nails.

"Come near my sister and you'll find out what will happen." Was his last words before I had hung up. His threats were weak. I wasn't afraid of him, not even a little and him thinking that I should be, was amusing. I wanted to put him in his place but I knew that Blueberry wouldn't be happy with me beating up her lunatic brother, so that was not an option.

"Your brother's way too controlling." I said as I squeezed her thigh and then she lifted my hand and intertwined her fingers into mine. I enjoyed when she did things like this, holding my hand and hugging me. You know, all that romantic stuff. I wasn't use to the feeling of giving and showing affection like this and it was rather...nice, to be this way with Blueberry.

"Yeah he is, but I never had a mother growing up and my father always worked meaning that he was barely around, so it was just Orin and I being there for each other. I guess Orin had just took it upon himself to play the parent role."

"I understand that but he needs to realize that your not a little kid. He should stop trying to protect you from the world. Yeah, the world is fucking evil but it's also very beautiful. He should let you experience life on your own and just hope for the best." I said while holding her hand and looking into her blue stained eyes.

"Okay doctor Phil." She smiled.

"Doctor Phil? Come on, I'm way too handsome and I actually have a full head of hair." We both smiled and then I pushed her backwards slowly causing her to lay on the hood of my car and then I climbed on top of her. My body hovered above hers, my silver chain dangled down as my hands pressed on the hood holding me up, as if I was doing a push up while she laid neatly underneath me with her hair scattered around herself.

Fuck, her level of beauty is unreachable.

"Paisley." I said her name so she could know that the next words to leave my lips was something I wanted her to take seriously.

"I would never let anything in this evil world ever harm you."

I was shocked to hear those words that spilled from my mouth. It's wasn't what I had told her that had shocked me, it was the fact that I actually meant it.

She was quiet for a few seconds, not saying a single word as she stared up at me with her big beautiful eyes that shined brighter than the moon combined with all the stars in the sky.

"I-I think.." She stuttered.

"Yeah?" I leaned in closer but that had only made her more nervous than what she already was.

"I think, it's time to go." She said and placed her hands onto my chest in order to push me up, off from her, and then I stood in front of the car as I watched her sit up straight.

"And the award for being a moment ruiner goes to...Paisley Blueberry Eyes." I said as I scooped her up from the car into my arms holding her body gently and placed her down onto her feet.

"Funny." She said sarcastically with a tiny smile as her hair hung passed her shoulders falling perfectly, no effort required and then she strolled over to the passenger side while I climbed into the drivers seat, ready to start the engine.

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