Chapter Thirty-Five Part 1

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Paisley's Point of View

It's funny how alone I feel when I'm literally surrounded by over a hundred people who lurked the hallway, scrambling around to make sure they all reach their last lesson on time and honestly I just couldn't care less, after the surprise of hearing Stephan's voice when I had phoned Orin two days ago had really killed me inside. I was still unaware of what had happened between my brother and Stephan and whenever I had questioned Orin he just brushes it off by changing the subject.

"Watch where you're walking!" Said the voice of someone I had just knocked into. I looked up to see his face and noticed that it was the kid who had sat behind me in English. What was his name, I thought for a second as I apologized and then searched the hallway for blonde hair and brown eyes.

Maddox, that's his name. I suddenly remembered. He's such a cutie, very artist, very silent, very easily annoyed but Dox sees the world differently. I know this through his artwork, he doesn't really put his work on display but once I had managed to get a glimpse of his art notebook and he's amazing at what he does.

"Looking for me?" Liv startled me, looping her arm into mine.

"Yeah, where were you?" I said as we both walked our way to our English lesson. "I waited at our meet up bench for more than ten minutes." I rolled my eyes.

"Sorry baby doll, I got a little distracted when Preston showed up and dragged me to his car." She said smiling small.

"Ewwww is that why you smell like-"

"Ms. Charles and Ms. Portland, my class awaits." Said Mr. Dodger interrupting our conversation as we stepped inside of his classroom. Liv and I sat two rows from the back and when we had taken our seats, my boyfriend entered the room and grabbed the seat on the opposite side of me.

"Hey, babe." He said kissing me on my lips while Mr. Dodger shook his head in disapproval and then Nate pulled back. He was now sitting straight up as he turned his head to face me.

"Why didn't you call me back last night?" He whispered as the teacher began his lesson.

"Sorry, I went to bed early." I whispered in return.

"Okay." He seemed annoyed as he rolled his eyes and then faced the board in front of us as Mr. D began to draw on it while explaining what's to come in the lesson ahead.

I looked over at Liv who had in fact watched the whole interaction between Nate and I.

She looked confused as she rolled her eyes back, pulled out her phone and then began typing.

"What's his problem?" I read a text from her after I had reached for my phone.

"God, lately he's just so irritable but anyway...I wanted to ask you something but never got the chance to. When I came over last night, I noticed that your bed smelt like my brother, um...why? (Please note that I'm so grossed out lol)" I typed and then hit send as I noticed her phone's screen lighting up as she read it and then began typing again.

"OMG lol nothing happened. We just laid next to each other and...spoke."

"Spoke? About what?"

"None of your business, little miss nosey."

"Lol, you're the worst!"

"Kidding babe! It's a long story I'll tell you after school btw I think your brother's in love with me. Lol no...I'm actually totally serious!"

"What!? OMG! You have to give me all the details! Btw I kinda think he has a thing for you too which is messed up if he does because Orin's a really faithful guy and he's very committed to Mel."

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