Chapter Eighteen

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Orin's Point of View

"Thank you for the dinner Mrs Parker. It was lovely." I smiled at Melissa's mother as she stood with a drying cloth in her left hand and a bright yellow sponge in the other. Her ocean blue apron hugged her body while she cleared the dished in silence.

"Pleasure Orin." She said wiping her forehead as the kitchen light revealed her glossy skin.

"You sure you don't need any help?" I asked my girlfriends mother as I stood right across from her. Her eyes looked tired and her copper colored hair looked dull and lifeless as it laid against her back.

"No, no sweetie. I'm fine." She gave me a polite smile but I refused to leave the kitchen without knowing that she was truly okay.

"Orin." She smiled. "I'm okay, I promise. You can go upstairs to Mel I'm sure she's waiting for you." She said as a genuine smile danced on her face.

I could honestly say that I loved Mrs. Parker more than I loved my own mother. Wait...that's a fucking lie.

I don't love Anita at all.

"Orin!" I heard Mel's angelic voice coming from her bedroom. Her voice was loud as it rolled down the staircase and into my ears.

I then left the kitchen and Mrs. Parker to her thoughts as I smiled at her before stomping up the staircase and then prowled my way into Mel's bedroom. My girlfriend stood, watching the outside life from her window, her dark blonde hair was tied up as she had her back faced to me.

"Baby?" I said softly as I closed her room door quietly and then she turned around to see me. My girlfriend was the most attractive girl I had ever seen in my life. Her eyes were grey infused with blue but mostly grey, her hair was always perfect even in the morning...and she was just...well, gorgeous.

"Are you leaving tonight?" She asked as she walked over to me wearing my t-shirt and long socks. She then wrapped her arms around my neck and then I answered her.

"I was planning to..." I noticed her face switch from a glow of happiness to instant sadness as she heard the words roll from my mouth. "Never mind, baby I'll stay." I said wrapping my arms around her waist and then she leaned forward to kiss me sweetly as our lips touched.

"Thank you." She smiled and then pulled me over to her bed. I then laid down and positioned myself upright. The pillows on her bed had supported my back, making me quite comfortable and then I decided it was time for a smoke. I grabbed my cigarettes from her bedside table and then lit one up like I always did after dinner. I watched her reach for the glass ashtray and then she placed it into my free hand while she stared at me with her big grey eyes, giving me an unfamiliar look.

"What wrong?" I asked after exhaling and then placed the glass ashtray on the surface of her bed, right next to me while my eyes narrowed themselves as I kept the cigarette between my lips.

"Nothing." She said and then stroked the outline of the tattoos I had on my arm with her finger as she sat on top of her bed with crossed legs not making eye contact with me at all.

"Melissa...sweetheart I know you." I said confirming to her that she was incapable of hiding anything from me. I inhaled the addictive nicotine and felt the smoke fill my lungs, her eyes lifted themselves from my tattoos and then landed safely on my green ones as her grey one's appeared glossy.

"I just miss you a lot lately, like you're never here. I see you once every week Orin...and that's If I'm lucky." She sighed and then I reached forward tucking a lost, lonely strain of her hair behind her ear.

"It's just for the summer then I'll be home for good. I promise." I said and then sprinkled the ash into the glass ashtray as she watched it fall.

"I might seem selfish right now, but I don't care. Orin I'm your girlfriend and I miss you and I want you home more days than what I'm currently getting, I want you laying next to me. I want to kiss you awake in morning. I want your strong arms to hold me as we sleep. I just want you here and I know that I can't have you here all the time during the summer but at least give me more than what I'm getting. Don't you think I deserve that?" She said as I watched her eyes fill with curiosity.

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