Chapter Twenty-Eight

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Paisley's Point of View

It's been a month since school had started and my mind had still refused to kick itself back to normality. I miss him so much it hurts, Liv said that it would get easier as the days go by but honestly it's only been getting harder. Stephan had tried calling and texting since I had seen him last but...I just couldn't bring myself to answer him as he tried reaching out.

"Oh my god, Pais...I get that you're depressed and whatever but at least wear a little make-up, you look like you're dying." Liv said as she leaned against the locker neighboring mine while I scratched for my books, she flipped her hair back as she stared at me with her big beautiful eyes as if she was expecting something.

I slammed my locker shut and turned my sight to face her, her perfectly manicured fingers dangled strawberry gloss before me while she wore a smile on her Barbie doll face.

I accepted the lipgloss from her hand and applied it to my sanguine lips because I knew that if I didn't she would fuse about it.

"Happy?" I smiled.

"Yip, that's the Pais I know." She grinned satisfied and then we strolled down the hallway, lips perfectly glossy and hair perfectly straightened. We walked side by side to our next class which we attended together and then out of the blue, I heard a voice calling my name.

"Paisley!" His voice husky.

I then turned my head to see who the voice belonged to while clutching my math book in my hand. It was Nathan. His dirty blonde hair glistened while his brown eyes smiled as he had sighted me from a distance.

"Wait up!" He yelled and then came prowling over to me. He flung his arm over my shoulder and then pressed his lips against mine, totally smudging my lipgloss. His peck felt dull and lifeless but he was Nathan Riley, the boy wanted by many girls and...even some guys, so I guess I should be happy to have him by my side. I wasn't really interested in dating anyone besides Stephan but Liv had convinced me that the best way to get over someone is to find someone you care about more. I knew my attempt to care about Nate more than I did Stephan was pointless but you can't blame me for trying, I was desperate to get over him and let it go because honestly I couldn't stand to see myself a mess like I now had to witness. It was irritating and frustrating to see myself shift into this...depressing little girl.

"Hey Mr. football Captain , have you seen Preston?" Liv asked Nate as she scanned her eyes around. Preston and Nathan were close friends so she expected him to be lurking nearby. I was surprised to know that she had found interest in Preston and have broken her "one week one guy " record. Finally she's beginning to throw herself into something stable. The way I now looked at her was the same look a proud mother had in her eyes.

"Yeah, he's in the parking lot sleeping in his car. Last night's party had taken a tole on him." Nate said as he walked along side me and then his hand fell to my waist when we had reached the open door of my math class.

"Well...when he wakes up tell him that I'm looking for him." She said flirtatiously and then Nate nodded as she disappeared into our classroom, leaving Nate and I behind.

He turned my body to face him as he gripped my waist and then his eyes fell to the book that I had held against my chest so dearly.

"When are you going to stop wearing that watch?" He asked and then looked up at me with narrowed eyes and did that cute thing with his lips when he felt annoyed.

"I don't know." I mumbled as my mind had revealed flashbacks of Stephan and I together. I would give anything to relive any day with him.

"I mean, your family doesn't know we're dating and you still wear a watch that you got from some boy over the summer." He sighed. "Paisley he was just a summer fling. I'm your boyfriend now and I don't think you're taking this seriously." He said as he stared into my eyes, pulling me from my thoughts.

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