Chapter Fifteen

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Stephan's Point of View

I sat impatiently in the drivers seat of my car as the music buzzed softly in the background from my car radio. I looked over at my wrist watch and noticed that it was 9:20pm.

She was late.

I tapped my fingers against the steering wheel and then I ran them thought my hair as I looked at my reflection in the rearview mirror. Shortly after, Blueberry had appeared into the night as she came stepping towards me from her house.

My eyes then followed her like a lion stalking it's prey. She walked over to my car with her hair hanging down the way I liked it and then she open the passenger door and climbed inside with a smile on her face. The citrus smell of her filled my car with it's freshness. It was strong, I could even taste it on my tongue.

"What you so smiley about?" I asked as I started the engine and then waited for an answer before driving off.

"I'm just happy to see you." She said as I put the car in gear and then we cruised down the dark road, forcing me to turn my car lights on. "You are?" I laughed.

"Yeah, I actually am." She thought for a second and then hit me with that answer. Sure, she was late and that had irritated the fuck out of me, I was an impatient man but her telling me that she was happy to see me was something that had made my frustration drift away slowly like a log in a river.

"So who's all going to be there?" She asked as she shifted her body to face me. I swear...fuck, every time I see this girl she gets more and more attractive.

"Just Toby, Lana and a few other people that you don't know." I said as I shifted myself in my seat in order to make myself more comfortable.

"Oh." She said making a round shape with her lips and then she was in thought for a second.

"So...what's the deal with you and Lana?" She asked as if she knew something. I stared straight ahead and kept my eyes focused while she spoke.

"Nothing, we're just friends. Why? you in love with me and you're scared that another girl would steal me away?" I laughed.

"No, in love with you? Not at all." She smiled. "I just wanted to know." She continued but I didn't feel the need to question her about it further. I just nodded and then licked my bottom lip as I checked my mirrors in order for me to switch lanes. The music still played at low volume and then she got excited as she listened to it.

"Oh my god, I love this song." She squealed as her mind was pulled away by the song "The Only Exception." By Paramore.

She then turned the volume up and sang along to the words...

every fucking word.

Fuck, I hate this song and no fucking way was I going to pull up to the beach with "The Only Exception" blasting from my speakers. The guys would fucking call me a pussy for as long as....

fuck, who knows how long.

I mean she was my Blueberry and it was hard to deny her of anything but I'm a man and if I don't like something, I'm not going to be a pussy about it, I'm going to put my foot down like real men do.

So I put the volume softer and then she turned to face me giving me a look...

that I had to admit, I was afraid of.

"That was rude." She said and then turned it up once more.

"Fuck sake, turn it down. Or else you're walking." I scoffed and then I had realized that I was actually talking to Blueberry not some slut that I had just fucked.

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