Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

It was safe to say that I'd found two more things that I hated about Hunter. His car and his music. They were just added to the list that I had in my head, 'why I hated Hunter', as childish as it sounds, it gave me satisfaction to add something else to that list.

"So, you guys are full on dancers?" he asked, glancing over at Kenzi. One of his hands was on her thigh and the other was on the wheel, driving along lazily. I didn't exactly trust his driving skills either, making me all the more nervous.

"Yeah, break dancers," she replied happily, looking over at him adoringly with a smile. Someone get me a bucket.

"Guys, you're making me feel sick!" I commented, leaning back on the hard leather seat. Hunter looked at me in the rear view mirror with a smirk.

"Is there a problem, princess?" he mocked, only causing me to narrow my eyes at all I could see of his face. I didn't need to see his mouth to know that it was already contorted into that irritating smirk.

"Yeah, you are the problem! Stop flirting with my best friend and drive," I muttered, folding my arms over my chest. I could feel my heart hammering against my bare aim. We didn't know this new crew, nor did we know how well they danced so this could've been a load of rubbish. Not to mention that they were friends of Hunter's so god knows what they were like.

"I'm not flirting! I'm inquiring," he replied, faking shock. I didn't reply, I merely rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to the window.

The area that I had moved to really wasn't that bad. Despite what my flat looked like from the outside, it was amazing on the inside. Everything seemed neat and trim as we weaved through some of the main streets, it wasn't until we started to drive back through the back alleys that it looked dirtier. The looks of the streets and the people hanging out there frightened me, but I wasn't about to tell him that.

"We're here!" Hunter cooed when he had pulled up outside a warehouse. It didn't look too bad and I could hear the beat of the music pumping from the inside, but I still wasn't convinced. Kenzi, however, was a completely different matter and was bouncing with excitement in her seat.

"Are you sure that you didn't just bring us out here to rape us and kill us?" I asked and he laughed as if I was joking. "Because I have pepper spray with me," I finished lamely, leaving him smirking. His shoulders shook with his laughter and it didn't take me long to realise that I liked his laugh. It wasn't unfriendly, if anything it was welcoming. Everything that Hunter wasn't.

"Andy, if I was going to rape and kill you both, do you really think that it was a good idea telling me that you have pepper spray on you?" he raised a quizzical eyebrow when I scoffed.

"Thought not, now c'mon, you two," he chimed, slipping his keys into his back pocket.

"You know, maybe we should wait until we can find a troop at Uni, I have some revision to do anyway..." I trailed off, keeping my distance behind the 'happy couple'. Hunter looked over his shoulder at me.

"Live a little," he muttered and I frowned, shoving my bag over my shoulder as we walked to the door. The beat began to get louder, going straight through my chest and matching my heartbeat.

"Hunt!" I heard a guy call and when I had stopped looking around at the surprisingly homey interior, I noticed a good looking brown haired guy strolling over to us. He wasn't wearing a shirt and he had the dancer's body. Toned chest but not bulk and the slim waist that had his dark jeans hanging low on. There were three other guys and one other girl in the troop; all of them were standing in the corner, doing some simple break moves to the music.

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