Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

                Kenzi spun around for me another time, showing me the back of the dress. I shook my head with a sigh. The dress would’ve been perfect for patrolling the streets, but wasn’t exactly wedding material.

                “I think it reveals too much,” I muttered unsurely, looking over the back of it as it clung to her sides.

                “Jeez, Andy, this is a wedding, not a nunnery,” she replied, looking at her ass in the mirror. I raised an eyebrow, shaking my head.

                “I know but that is not a wedding dress, I don’t want my relatives asking you how much it is for a quickie in the cleaning closet!” Kenzi looked at me and burst out laughing, turning to go back into the cubicle and change.

                “Seriously, Andy, you will never have problems with creativity,” she muttered, popping her head out of the curtain.

                “Try the blue one,” I advised, ignoring her comment. She mumbled something under her breath that I would rather not repeat before I heard her shuffling around.

The blue one came down to mid thigh and was a silky fabric, it showed just enough cleavage to say ‘elegant’ but not enough to say ‘why don’t you stick your head in here and have a look?’. Well, okay, bit abstract, but you get my drift.               

“I look like a giant bruise!” she whined whilst pushing herself out in the open. I shook my head, taking in the dress. It was perfect and would match the shoes that she was planning to borrow from me.

“A bruise is purple, Einstein, and you look good!” she sighed, slumping her shoulders over whilst she took herself in.

“It’s okay, I guess,” she replied, twisting around to look at herself.

“It’s  more than okay, Kenzi! We have to leave within the next couple of hours so hurry up!” I encouraged, shooing her back into the changing room so that she could change.

                “Oh, by the way, Marco is going to take me up there,” Kenzi replied, her voice slightly muffled by the curtain. My chest physically hurt at the mention of Marco. He still wasn’t returning my calls or answering my texts.

                “How is he?” I asked, knowing that he was overreacting with everything.

                “Sulking, he’ll get over it. He just needs to grow a pair, give him about a week,” she assured, pushing the curtain back and putting her clothes on the rails. She took the dress to pay for it with me trailing along behind her.

                “He’d better, he’s annoying me!” I exclaimed. Kenzi nodded understandingly.

                “And me, I’ll give him one of my pep talks later in the car.” I grinned, looking in her direction. A Kenzi pep talk was everyone’s worst nightmare, including mine.

                After Kenzi dropped me off at mine, I jogged up the stairs, ready to pack. Hunter and I were leaving earlier due to my dad booking the hotel for us a day early. I’d managed to get the revision needed for my classes and Dylan had promised to write down any extra assignments.

                My plan on getting back at Hunter was already in motion. Most people would think ‘why the hell would a father book a room for his daughter and an extremely hot guy to stay in for the night?’ Well, he didn’t, like my mother, he thinks that Hunter is gay and was already planning on introducing him to my cousin Nigel. I couldn’t stop laughing when my dad had told me his plan over the night before.

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