Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

After about half an hour of convincing Kenzi that I was fine to go home with Hunter, I found myself sitting on the sofa with my arms crossed, glaring at Hunter who was sitting on the armchair.

"You'll fail," Hunter mocked, sitting back in his seat, making sure that I got a glimpse of his smooth muscles under his top. I raised an eyebrow, trying to keep my eyes on his face, rather than his body.

We had placed another bet, only this one, I wasn't sure that I'd win. On the way in, Hunter couldn't keep his hands off my waist and as soon as we'd gotten in, my hands went to his hair. I'd said that he couldn't go 24 hours without touching me and he'd told me that I was speaking for myself. So there we were, sitting and waiting for the other one to cave in.

"Yeah right," I muttered, taking my top off in one smooth motion, just to torture him. Hunter's eyebrows rose, his eyes moving over my figure as I lay down on my back, twiddling my fingers.

"I'm giving you about five minutes before I go to bed," I warned. Hunter chuckled and when I glanced in his direction, he grinned.

"I can sit here and look at you for five minutes, works for me." I groaned, rolling over on my side to face him.

"Does Seb know what the necklace looks like?" I asked. Hunter shrugged, leaning back in the seat.

"I don't know, I didn't even notice it until the day I snatched it," Hunter let out through a sigh. I let the conversation drop, we both stayed in silence, just listening to the other one breathe.

"Let's play a game," Hunter announced, sitting up and dropping onto the floor. Groaning, I dropped down onto the floor and grabbed my top, putting it back on.

Hunter gave me a brief look of disappointment before settling comfortably with his back against the armchair.

"What game?" I asked, causing Hunter to smile slightly whilst looking me dead in the eye.

"20 questions, no restrictions or limits on what you can ask," he replied carelessly. Narrowing my eyes and sighing, I agreed, slightly regretting it when I heard the first question.

"How many people have you had sex with?" he asked, sizing me up. I winced slightly, remembering how I told him that I wasn't the little church girl virgin, when really, the one guy that I'd ever let into my pants was Marco.

"One." Hunter grinned, not even asking who it was. "What happened to Justine?" My question made Hunter's face drop.

"She died." It didn't surprise me and neither did the fact that he didn't elaborate.

"Did you mean anything that you said that the restaurant?" he asked. Now that did surprise me.

"No. None of it," I paused, "did you?" he looked at me for a moment before slowly shaking his head.

"No. Were you ever attracted to Seb?" I tried not to smirk at what he said and nodded.

"At first I thought he was hot but I've never liked him like that. Was you playing Kenzi that night that you first met her?"

"Not about to deny it. Yes, I was flirting with her but I didn't want to bed her. I'm badass, not a player." His answer made me smile. Everyone drooled over Kenzi and ignored me; it was nice to know that he did actually notice me.

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