Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

“Can you stop stepping on me?” I asked Zoe sweetly, shooting her a fake smile. She gave me one back, adding a sour look afterwards. She was becoming the definition of the word annoying. Constantly stepping on my toes was one thing, but she wasn’t leaving Hunter alone. I wasn’t exactly the jealous type, scrap that, I wasn’t the jealous type but whenever she tried to put her hand on him, I felt like ripping it from her wrist.

“Can you guys stop arguing?” Kyle asked, standing still from the dance move that he had been practising before. I couldn’t really blame him for snapping, we’d been at each other’s throats since I’d arrived and that was over an hour ago.

“I would, babe, but she’s being a bit touchy,” Zoe replied with a scoff. I clenched and unclenched my jaw, trying to calm myself down.

“You’re being a bit touchy with my feet, don’t you think?” I hissed. She just rolled her eyes, pushing the right leg of her tracksuit bottom up. I didn’t understand why people did that; it would get in the way less if you stuck them in your socks the same way that Dylan did. Granted he looked like a dork, but it worked.

“Look, girls, you need to stop this,” Kyle replied harshly, looking between us. Kenzi cleared her throat, shooting Kyle a glare.

“Just keep Zoe away from Andy and we won’t have a problem, will we? Just change their positions!” she exclaimed. Kyle sighed.

“I would have to change their partners if I did that,” he admitted. I frowned, shaking my head.

“I don’t mind dancing with one of the others.”

“Speak for yourself,” Zoe muttered. I sighed. Did she always have to be so unreasonable?

“Look, just stop stepping on her toe, babe,” Kyle warned, rubbing his hands up and down her arms. As usual, she turned to putty and gave him her winning smile.

“Someone get me a bucket,” I mumbled, causing Dylan to grin from beside me.

“Right, from the beginning!” Des hollered from the CD player, grinning as he pressed the button. The music started to thump again, making the floor bounce as we started again from the top. It wasn’t a difficult routine but it wasn’t one of our best. Zoe had apparently hurt her stomach so couldn’t do as many of the moves as she was needed for. I still reckoned that she had a bit too much sex over the weekend.

I grabbed the back of Dylan’s neck, skimming through his legs and against his back. He glanced over his shoulder at me before twisting and holding my lower back against him, dipping and twisting before we all separated for Des and Luke to do their body popping solo.

“You’re sweating,” Dylan replied through a laugh. We were all sweating, bent over and panting.

“I don’t sweat, I perspire,” I breathed out. Dylan chuckled, straightening and groaning.

After wiping my face with a towel, I sighed, checking my phone. Going to the bike arena with Hunter was becoming a three daily thing. Whenever he went, he took me with him and I was quickly becoming friends with Alfie and believe it or not, Lee.

“Do you want to come back to mine for a beer?” Dylan asked, resting his chin on my shoulder. I sighed and twisted around, throwing my arms around his neck.

“I can’t, I’m going out with Hunter,” I groaned, immediately feeling bad for blowing him off.

“Tomorrow?” he asked, leaning on the side with his towel on his shoulder.

“Definitely, I’ll bring a film and you can get me drunk on Carlsberg,” I replied and he grinned, taking a swig of his water bottle.

“Sounds like a plan,” he said with a grin, handing me my bag. “Have fun with Hunter,” he waggled his eyebrows and I laughed, shaking my head. Luke and Des were waiting for me by the door so that I could go back to theirs for a shower and then meet Hunter at the gym.

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