Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

Dedication to Sarah1994 for the troop name!:)

I had been replaced. By Dylan.

When I walked into the lecture room on Monday, Dylan was sitting in my seat, swooning next to Maya. In a way, I was relieved she couldn't nag me anymore. But on the other hand, the guy that sat on the other side of Dylan looked like he was scared of everyone around him. Honestly, he was more fidgety than a... I got nothing. My point being, I felt like strangling him with my bag strap just to stop him knocking against my knee.

Whilst I'd been away, Dylan and Maya had actually hooked up. Well, either that or Dylan and Maya were a lot touchier than I last remembered.

"Psst, lover boy, what exam is the professor talking about?" I asked, knocking Dylan forward with my elbow. Dylan turned around with a slight scowl.

"I see a weekend away hasn't changed your manners," he muttered with a smile, hugging me. I grinned, patting his back and pulling away.

"Nope, I'm still as polite as ever," I said through a smile, looking at the board again.

"I'm thrilled, honestly," he said flatly before looking at the board. "I don't know, he hasn't mentioned this yet," he finished with a shrug. I sighed, opening my bag and taking out my essays that I'd tried to do on the way home. Hunter had other ideas; he kept swerving into different lanes, just to make it harder for me to write. I know, whatta guy.

"Right, everyone. The exam that I have written up on the board is only a mock. However, I would like it to be treated as the real thing. The exam is going to be on The Kindertransport and a novel of your choice out of a list that I am going to give you that you may choose to study and write an essay on in the exam," he finished, clapping his hands conclusively and giving us all a smile. "Any questions?" The room was completely silent so he grinned, grabbing a stack of paper from the desk and walking around with it.

Because Dylan and I were intelligent when we picked our seats, we were sitting at the back so it took him ages to get to us.

"Here you are," he muttered, giving each of us a list each. Fidget boy's hands were shaking when he put it down on his desk and looked over it. He was the same way with the list that Gollum is with the ring in Lord of the Rings

Looking down the list, I found my favourite novel sitting at the bottom, Wuthering Heights. Instead of doing a fan girl squeal, I kept my excitement to myself and just drew a ring around the name.

Dylan glanced down at my sheet and smiled, meeting my eyes.

"Typical." I looked down at his sheet and he'd circled a Dickens novel.

"Typical," I repeated. Dylan grinned, turning back to Maya to talk to her. Not liking the rejection, I leaned over and tried to join in their conversation.

"Yeah, yeah, good idea, yeah," I muttered aimlessly, pretending to be able to hear what they were saying over Dylan's shoulder. Maya stopped talking and raised an eyebrow at me, Dylan just sighed, rolling his eyes.

"We're talking about something private," Maya replied snottily, giving me a look that said 'go away or I will puncture your trachea with my perfectly aligned HB pencils'. I took the warning straight up and sat back. Trying to talk to Fidget was like speaking to a brick wall and Dylan's back was still to me so I sighed, slumping down in my seat with a huff. Life as a loner sucked.

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