Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

                I ended up late. Hunter’s little groping session had made me spend a lot more time in the kitchen than first intended so I had to do my makeup in the car with Kenzi. She wasn’t very helpful either, not once did she slow down for me to sort my face out.

                “You should’ve done that before you left the house,” Kenzi helpfully commented on the way to the entrance of the university.

                “Thanks, I’ll do that next time,” I muttered sarcastically, pushing the glass door open.

                The lobby was exactly like the pictures on the website had shown me. Clean, professional and neat. It immediately put the smile on my face as I headed to the main desk to look for a map. Our timetables had been emailed to us and mine was safely in my bag, I only had a lecture and one seminar so would be home in time to get ready for the party. According to Kenzi, it was Kyle that was throwing the party so there was no dance practise.

                “Hello, I was wondering if I could have a map?” I asked at the reception and the woman behind the desk smiled with a nod. I stayed at the glass window whilst she turned around, printed it from her computer and then passed it to me.

                “Thank you!” I said with a smile and turned, looking down at the map for the English lecture room.

                It wasn’t very far from the reception and outside I recognised a guy from the dance troop. I didn’t know his name, but I knew him from dancing in the corner with the others and then in front of me during one of our dance off routines.

                “Hey,” he greeted me when I approached the door of the classroom and I smiled. His short blonde hair was reflecting with the lights and his deep blue eyes were searching my face with a friendly glint.

                “Hi.” I glanced around us to notice that there were only about ten other students and none of them looked familiar.

                “Let me guess, Kenzi?” he asked and I smiled, shaking my head softly.

                “No, the other one.” He chuckled and nodded.

                “Andy?” I grinned and shook the hand that he was holding out for me. “I’m Dylan.”

                “Nice to meet you,” I said politely and looked at the door to the classroom. It was open and everyone was filing in. Dylan gestured for me to walk in ahead of him, I smiled and strolled through the door with him following closely behind me.

                The classroom was a lot bigger than expected. There was a board and podium at the front of the room where the professor was standing, sorting out his papers.

                “Want to sit near me?” Dylan asked, waving his hand in front of my face to get my attention. I nodded with a smile and followed him to the third row back where he dumped his stuff and slumped in the seat.

                After putting my bag at my feet and making sure that my phone was on silent, I got my notepad out.

                “Hi, do you mind if I sit here?” I looked to my right where the voice was coming from and I found myself looking at a pretty blonde girl. She was fidgeting nervously and trying to offer me a smile so I smiled back.

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