'The Badboy, The Sat Nav and Me' Preview.

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This is up right now! On my page! :D So I wouldn't bother with this, I would just go straight there :P I dare you ;) oh, and please give it a shot, if you loved Andy and Hunter, you'll definitely like the spin off!:)

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The Badboy, the Sat Nav and Me.

(Badboy Isn't my type spin off)

Being the girlfriend of Sheffield's biggest gang leader isn't all it's cracked up to be. With a break from university and after hours of convincing Hunter to sit back and relax, Andy decides it's time for a holiday.  Staying in an Italian villa and working as a life guard to pay for their room seems like the perfect getaway. That is until their night of freedom takes a wrong turning. Lost in Italy without their money and essentials, the couple are nervous, home sick and just a little bit aggrivated. But where you have Hunter and Andy, you also have hours worth of arguments, pranks and accidental detours. Not to mention the oh-so helpful input from their dance troop and friends. Forget fighting as a member of a gang, getting back to their villa is going to be their biggest challenge yet.

Right, I'm crap and blurby things so please give it a shot, you know you love Hunter and want another few hundred pages of the guy ;) This is going to be up now with just as frequent updates as badboy so I hope you enjoy it! Also, I need a cover so any help would be greatly appreciated ;D

Until next time, wattpadians!

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