Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

Waking up in Hunter's bed was the perfect time for a victory dance. I groggily reached over to my phone on the bedside table. After a few aimless pats, I was able to put my hand on my phone and pick it up.

The light that was shining through the curtains was dim, making my eyes adjust to the bright screen quicker. I scoffed, looking at my background picture. Hunter had done the same to me as I'd done to him, only his picture showed right up his nose. I was just glad that he'd cleared the cave of bats.

After rolling my eyes and changing my background back, I went onto YouTube, scrolling through the videos to find the song that I wanted.

I think that it was safe to say that Hunter didn't appreciate being woken up to 'We are the Champions' in his ear. I, however, found it absolutely hilarious. I'd won! I'd actually beaten him at his own game! And they said that girls lacked self control, whoever said that clearly hadn't met me.

"How long are you going to be gloating?" Hunter asked, his voice muffled by the pillow that his face was pressed up against.

"Trust me, a very long time," I chimed, putting my phone back on the table and closing YouTube.

"Oh, Andy! You absolute sex goddess," I chimed in a very high, very girly tone. Hunter groaned, pushing up on his arms and rolling on top of me.

"I do not talk like that," he replied flatly, looking down at me. "And you look like crap," he pointed out. I scoffed, shoving the asshole off me.

"Aren't you meant to say that I'm beautiful or something? I don't think crap really qualifies as a compliment," I muttered, thwacking his chest.

"Please, just because I slept with you, it doesn't mean that I turned sappy. But honestly, you look like you've been dragged through a couple bushes," he retorted, sitting up and smirking at me. I raised an eyebrow, glancing around his room. Luckily, one of his tops had been thrown over the headboard. I grabbed it and pulled it on, getting up and stretching.

"That would be your fault," I reminded but he just grinned, looking me over in his shirt.

"And I'm proud to admit to that," he remarked, leaning back with his hands over his head. Talk about arrogance.

"Yeah, you'd also be proud to admit that you nearly forgot the protection!" I hissed and he sighed, holding his hands up in defence.

"What can I say? I got carried away," he replied, scratching the back of his head. In his defence, he did look quite ashamed of himself.

"If you'd of gotten really carried away, we'd be having little... Handys running around!" I exclaimed. Hunter's mouth soon worked its way into his smirk.

"Well, if they take after me, they'd be good looking little Handys," he offered. I just groaned.

"Have you never heard 'don't be silly, cover your willy'?" Hunter just looked at me.

"Don't be a prick, cover your..." Hunter let out a bark of laughter, cutting me off.

"Go and have a shower before I drag you in there with me." I rolled my eyes, walking into the bathroom to have a shower.

Hunter didn't join me, he went in straight after, patting my ass in my towel before having his shower.

I didn't have any classes, nor did I have dance practise so I shoved my shorts on with a tank top and settled on the sofa, pressing my face into the arm with a groan.

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