Chapter 9

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“No,” I muttered for probably about the umpteenth time.

                “Are you sure?” Hunter asked and I groaned, running my hands down my face.

                “No, you know, I’m not. Maybe he slipped it in when I wasn’t looking!” I exclaimed, causing Hunter to smirk and stop making the omelette.

                “No need to be snarky about it,” he teased, gently prodding our food with the spatula. One thing that I hadn’t guessed about this guy was that he could cook.

                “Well stop telling me that I slept with your brother then!” I retorted. Hunter only chuckled, shaking his head. What he didn’t know was that I’d spent the night before in the same room with Kenzi, Dylan and Seb. No funny business would’ve been able to happen unless I was happy to get at it like rabbits in front of my two friends. Which, just to clarify, I wasn’t.

                “I wasn’t telling, I was asking.” Hunter turned and tipped the omelette out of the pan and onto a plate, letting the juice run onto the white, turning it slowly yellow. Picking up the fork, I picked a bit of the end and took a bite. The flavour erupted onto my tongue, tingling my every taste bud.

                Hunter was giving me such a smug smile that I couldn’t bear to tell him how good the omelette actually was. I shrugged nonchalantly.

                “It was alright.” He laughed, taking his own bite.

                “It’s amazing, you know it,” he replied, leaning against the counter and waving his fork in front of his face. I grunted, rolling my eyes and taking another part of it, popping it in my mouth.

                “It’s okay,” I corrected, jumping down from the counter. I brushed my hands on my jeans and was about to turn to go out when Hunter grabbed my arm, pulling me back against his chest. I felt the warmth radiate from his body and onto mine.

                I shook my head.

“Ah, ah, ah. I don’t think so,” I replied, yanking my arm back and stepping away towards the door. He frowned but continued to watch me with an amused expression.

                “Not like my kisses anymore?” he asked, taking another step towards me. I shook my head.

                “Nope, you want me to get closer to your brother, so that is exactly what I am going do.” Hunter just raised a quizzical eyebrow as I backed out of the apartment with my coat, walking downstairs to meet Seb, Dylan and Kenzi outside.

                Little did I know, Hunter had followed me to the lift. He grabbed my wrist, pulling me back to him with a small scowl on his face. I almost laughed but his serious expression stopped any sound coming out.

                “Andy, promise me that you’ll be careful around him.” His words had such a sharp edge to them that I nearly flinched but the deadly look in his eye told me that his words were meant to be a seriously warning.

                “If I’m in so much danger being around him, why are you telling me to get close to him?” I asked and he immediately closed off, drawing back from me and starting to stalk back to the apartment.

                “I’ll see you later,” he threw over his shoulder and I groaned, running my hands down my face. I was just hoping that an afternoon of dancing practise would be able to calm me down a bit.

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