Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

                I was waiting patiently outside Kenzi’s classroom when she came out, her eyes were swollen and she wasn’t wearing any make up.

                “What’s wrong?” I asked, grasping her elbow and escorting her to the side, away from the throng of students.

                “Seb dumped me, Andy,” she whispered, looking over her shoulder with a scowl.

                “What? When? Why?” my questions came out in a rush as I followed her to the canteen and coffee bar. We grabbed a couple drinks before she escorted me to a table and held her hands around the cup, warming them.

                “Last night. I got to the party with Marco and Seb found me later. He told me that he wasn’t feeling a spark and that there was someone else,” she paused, tears welling in her eyes as she looked up at me. “He never cared, Andy,” she whispered.

                Quickly getting up, I sat next to her, engulfing her in a hug.

                “What’s wrong with me? Why is there always someone better than me out there,” she choked out, her breaths coming out more like pants whilst she cried into my shoulder.

                That was it. I was getting a baseball bat and Seb was going to be losing a few teeth.

                “If he said that then he isn’t worth your time, Kenz,” I convinced but she shook her head, pulling away and wiping under her eyes.

                “He was worth my time and he dumped me like the cheap whore he thinks I am,” she said with spite, taking a large gulp of her drink.

                “Stop it! You’re not a cheap whore, Kenz! You’re amazing and he’s missing out, okay? So shush before I shush you myself.” She looked at me weakly and smiled.

                “I slept with Shack,” she admitted, slumping in her seat.

                “Yeah, I know,” I replied, grimacing. She smiled smugly, putting her coffee back on the table.

                “I was mad, Andy. He was there, he’s hot and he’s sweet so I just went with it.”

                “Please tell me that you got him to cover his junk,” I gritted out. Kenzi hung her head, looking at me ashamed through her eyelashes. Oh my days. I did not want mini Shacks running around. Could you imagine the havoc that they’d cause at playgroup? I didn’t even want to think about it.

                “Kenzi! If you’re gonna shag it, bag it!” I hissed. She chuckled, shaking her head with annoyance.

                “I know, I know. Do you have to be so crude?”

                “This coming from the girl that in front of the hot shop keeper in Primark, told me to jump his bones,” I said sarcastically, hugging her shoulders one more time. She laughed, shoving me off.

                “He looked excited, bless him!” she exclaimed, smiling. At least she wasn’t all doom and gloom anymore.

                “He clearly hadn’t got any in ages,” I muttered. “Where are you living?” I asked hesitantly and she sighed, running her hand through her fringe.

                “With Marco in his hotel.” I nodded. Good, at least she wouldn’t find a battered Seb in the front room.

                “Good. How’s everything with Hunter going?” I gave her a look.

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