Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

                Zoe had eventually put the gun away. Well, Hunter pried it from her hands and put it down on the coffee table in between the two sofas.

                “Right, Cole doesn’t know you exist, does he?” Lee asked Zoe who frowned before shaking her head.


                “My dad, he introduced himself in the car,” Hunter reminded. I nodded, sinking back in my seat to let the others do all of the work. It wasn’t as if I knew anything that could help anyway.

                “What does this have to do with anything?” Zoe asked, crossing one of her long legs over the other. Once again she was clad in black and leather with heel boots and an evil expression.

                “The fact that you can do some work without being on Cole’s radar, he only watches Reed,” Alfie explained and Zoe just raised an eyebrow.

                “What exactly am I meant to do?”

                “Get in the building, act as if you’re Hunter’s new girlfriend and you could probably kill the idiot.” Zoe just stared at Alfie as if he was an idiot.

                “This may not have occurred to you but he does have security and I won’t be able to get in there with a weapon.” Hunter scowled, shaking his head.

                “Not if we take the gun, that’ll be allowed in there,” he reasoned but Zoe shook her head. Ever the awkward one.

                “They’ll confiscate that on the door,” she retorted. Hunter’s jaw clenched and he sighed.

                “Stop putting obstacles in the way. He’ll want me in there so that he can kill me,” Hunter snapped. I sighed, running my hand down my face.              

                “I’m not putting obstacles in the way, I’m thinking this through!” she exclaimed, moving to sit diagonally to glare at Hunter.

                “Well, stop! We have a week left before he just sends someone to kill Andy’s mum. This needs to be sorted. Now.” Hunter ground out. Zoe just rolled her eyes, glaring at me.

                “Then let him. You’ll be over her in about a month and you’ll be back to avoiding your father like you’ve been doing for the past couple of years. She’s the problem, Hunter,” Zoe rounded off. I scoffed.

                “After my boyfriend, are we?” I asked, not being able to bite my tongue any longer. All heads snapped in my direction and if the ground could swallow me up, I’d of happily accepted it.

                “Get over yourself, Andrea. I’m trying to save his ass,” she hissed.

                “It’s Andy. You’re going a funny way about it.”

                “Uh, Andy,” Lee interrupted, glancing at Zoe nervously.

                “Andy, you’re holding him back, babe. He needs to get out there, kill his dad and work for me. He’s in my gang, he’s my property and he was my boyfriend.” I raised both of my eyebrows, staring at her.

                “I’m not holding anybody back, if he wants to go and shoot someone, he can be my guest. You maybe forgetting this, Zoe, but he’s my boyfriend and I care about him a hell of a lot more than you do,” I retorted, sitting forward and clenching my jaw. I hoped that even though Zoe was a big bad boss of a gang, that at least one of the boys sitting around the table would hold her back if she tried clawing at me.

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