Chapter 7

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Fairly short, more of a filler if I'm honest :P

Dylan hadn't left my side since the incident, neither had Kyle. Hunter, on the other hand, beat the guy to a pulp and I hadn't seen him since. I put the frozen pack of peas that were wrapped in a tea towel to my side, wincing as I did so.

"You know, I think that I'd of preferred it if he roofied me," I muttered and Dylan smirked, leaning against the kitchen counter.

"He'd of actually gotten away with it if he'd of done that though," he pointed out. I decided against commenting and leaned back against the wall next to the sink.

Kyle had cleared out the kitchen and allowed me to sort myself out in there. Everyone had gathered to help me out, even Zoe, although I was sure that she was just there to see Hunter. He wasn't even in there and she was only picking up the label of 'desperate.'

"Well, look at what she's wearing. She was asking for it," Zoe replied, directly glaring at me.

"I would like to know what your problem with me is," I retorted, narrowing my eyes on her. Kyle shook his head, walking towards her.

"The fact that you think you can waltz in her and have everything that you want!" she exclaimed, throwing her hands up and stiffening when Kyle touched her shoulder.

"Yep, that's it. Living with an obnoxious asshole and nearly getting raped at a party is exactly what I want," I all but snarled and I heard a laugh coming from the door.

"I'm hurt. Really, I am," Hunter cooed, holding his hand to his chest mockingly. Instead of saying anything further, I slumped back against the cool tile and rested my head against Dylan's shoulder. Kenzi had stayed quiet up until now and she eventually cleared her throat.

"I suggest that if you don't care about Andy's safety, you get out because I really don't want to listen to anymore of your pointless crap," she replied evenly, giving Zoe a cool look. Zoe just sniffed and turned on her heel, preparing to grab Hunter's hand.

"Let's go, babe," she muttered loud enough for us all to hear. Hunter didn't look down at her; he kept his eyes on me, staying put.

"I'll see you out there in a few minutes," he replied, leaning down and gently biting her earlobe. His eyes didn't move from mine so I just rolled my eyes and breathed out deeply. Zoe let out a small moan before leaving the room, not sparing any of us a glance.

"She can be a bit... hot headed," Kyle admitted, rubbing the nape of his neck nervously.

"You're telling me," I agreed and sighed, taking the peas away from my side.

"Who was the guy?" Hunter asked, speaking to us for the first time since the incident.

"I don't know, you tell me. You knocked all his teeth out," Dylan responded hotly. I frowned, gently placing my hand on his forearm to calm him down. I had no idea why he was so irritated, but I prefer the calm and collected Dylan.

"You're welcome for saving your little girlfriend's ass," Hunter growled and I sighed, jumping down from the counter. My legs were still jelly like but I held myself up and managed to keep my feet from slipping in my heels.

"Thank you, all of you. And I'm not his girlfriend," I replied, looking straight at Hunter. As much as I hated the guy, he did me a massive favour and I kind of felt as if I owed him. Scoffing at my thoughts, I shoved them to the back of my head in time to see Hunter offer me a smile. A real smile. Before disappearing back through the door for his 'nightly entertainment'. I rolled my eyes and turned to Dylan, giving him a quick grateful hug.

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