Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 (Important author's note at the end, please read it!)

The man behind me slumped, his gun hitting me on the side of the head as he fell. I was alive. I was actually alive! If I didn't have Hunter to worry about, I'd be doing a happy dance.

Turns out, I didn't have anything to worry about with Hunter. His eyes were open and he was the one holding the smoking weapon.

"You absolute jerk! What are you doing alive?" I asked, crawling over and wrapping my arms around his neck. I ignored his wince and kissed his cheek. After hearing the gun drop on the floor, Hunter's own arms came around me, pulling me closer.

"You'd rather I was dead?" he asked into my hair, kissing my forehead. I smirked, gently placing my hands on his chest to pull back.

"You scared the absolute hell out of me! You practically died on me," I whimpered the last sentence and Hunter grinned, pulling up the bottom of his shirt to reveal a thick blue material.

"Bulletproof vest, Princess," he informed me with a smug smirk. I glanced around us, listening to the rustling of clothes and banging of people getting up and groaning.

I wasn't letting him go that easily. I threw my arms around him again before pushing myself to my feet. It was no easy task, I was beginning to wonder if all this panic induced early arthritis. My knees and back popped as I straightened and looked around. It was then that I realised standing up where there was a massive gun fight a few seconds before probably wasn't the best idea I'd ever had. I looked down at Hunter as his face screwed up, getting up.

"Why is nobody shooting?" I whispered, searching the room for my friends. Hunter groaned, stretching out and checking my body for injuries. Well, checking me out.

"Because Cole is dead," Hunter replied, glancing around. I heard some voices from the bar and Kyle came into sight, walking with a slight limp. Reed was by his side, holding both Kyle and Lee up. I couldn't see Zoe anywhere or Alfie.

"Hunter, are you alright?" Reed asked. His voice was muffled and he coughed, taking Kyle's arm from around his shoulder and allowing him to balance on the stage.

"I'm good. The vest saved my ass." Reed looked down at Cole, his nose screwing up. I didn't even want to look, I'd seen enough dead bodies to last me a lifetime.

Cole's men were slowly looking around the room, taking in the surroundings and training their eyes on Hunter. I recognised Shack in the corner but he wasn't in good shape. He had a lot of blood on him, how much was actually his was unknown but he didn't look good at all.

"Just file out, I'll deal with you all tomorrow," Hunter dismissed, waving his arm towards the door. I frowned, looking up at my boyfriend but he sighed, shaking his head.

"Now!" he barked when nobody moved. About twenty men started to file out, all looking over their shoulder. To be honest, Zoe's gang had done a pretty good job, they didn't look half as neat and trim as when they'd come in.

"Why are they doing what you're telling them?" I asked. Hunter leaned back on the stage, resting against it as he folded his arms over his chest.

"Andy," he started. This was getting too serious too fast. Granted we'd just had a shoot out but his expression was grim and his tone was fairly dark. All I could think was 'uh oh' and if he was going to break up with me, I'd be in nothing but my underwear. That wouldn't look good on my temptress reputation. Not that I really had one.

"If you're going to dump me I would prefer it if you do it in an acceptable manner and allow me to chance first. I'd also appreciate it if..." Hunter clamped his hand over my mouth with a smirk, immediately stopping any words from coming out.

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