Chapter 30

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                The polite version of my roommate was back again, but this time, it was with my dad.

                “So, Hunter, I hear you’re at the top of the class in English literature,” my dad replied, looking over his fork at Hunter.

                My dad had called me down into the hotel restaurant for a meal so that we could talk over the plans and so that he would be able to get to know Hunter. Kenzi still hadn’t arrived, but I guessed that she had spent some time at home after dropping Marco off.

                “Uh, I wouldn’t say that, but I’m alright at it, Sir,” Hunter said, stuffing the final part of steak in his mouth. My dad nodded, pushing his food around with his fork.

                The hotel itself was a lot more elegant than I had been expecting. I knew that my dad wanted the best for Ashley but I didn’t think for a second that he’d go all out like he had. The decor was golden and purple, much like our bedroom, but the bathroom was black. Hunter had called it ‘his style’ when we’d walked in and surveyed it for the first time. It even had under floor heating and a proper plasma screen for us to watch with free films.

                “How are your studies going?” my dad asked, turning to me. I looked up from my food and offered a small smile. It had always been awkward talking to my dad, after the divorce, I hadn’t seen him very much and we’d grown apart. There isn’t much that a father and daughter can really talk about, it wasn’t the type of relationship that I had with my mum. I mean, if I walked down the street with my dad and said ‘wow, check out his ass!’ I can imagine things getting kind of awkward.

                “They’re going good, I’m staying on top of everything,” I replied. Hunter glanced at me with a knowing smirk, looking like he was trying not the laugh. I smiled at my dad again before punching Hunter’s leg. All dirty thoughts can remain out of the conversation, until we’re alone and away from my dad. I couldn’t have him figuring out that Hunter didn’t bat for the other team before he had chance to introduce him to Nigel. Hunter was in for one hell of a shock.

                “Good. Remember that we need you both outside the church by ten o’clock tomorrow, the service starts at half past and there are going to be photos taken afterwards,” he informed us whilst we both offered a smile in return.

                Hunter was actually quite the conversation starter, he got my dad talking about cars and different hobbies that he’d had during his lifetime. The atmosphere was strange, comfortable even, which was not what I’d been expecting with my dad and Hunter in the same room.

                “What about you, Andy?” my dad asked. I snapped out of my daze to meet his curious eyes and Hunter’s gaze drilling into the side of my face. I had the sudden temptation to stab him with my fork but pushed it away when I answered my dad.

                “Um, yeah.” It sounded more like a question to me but nobody else seemed to notice. My dad gave me a funny look and Hunter chuckled.

                “What?” My dad just shook his head, changing the subject back to the wedding.

                “I hope that you’ve chosen the dress to match the theme,” he replied. I nodded, taking out my phone to show him the picture. If he wasn’t happy, I was 99% sure that he’d make me go out and buy a different dress and that was something that I really didn’t feel like doing.

                “Here.” I handed him the phone, watching his pained expression turn into a smile as he passed it back.

                “I’m sure you’ll look beautiful,” he replied. I smiled, thanking him. My dad was always the type to worship the ground that I walked on, I appreciated it occasionally, but it was a good thing that he had Ashley to spoil. He always seemed so lonely when I went to visit him; all he had was me and Clyde, his dog.

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