Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

                “Hunter, get off my back.” My voice was groggy and muffled, my mouth pressed against the pillow. Just went I shuffled back, I felt something hard against my back and it wasn’t his chest.

                “Ew!” I exclaimed, shuffling forwards and glaring pointedly under the covers.

                “It’s morning, what can I say?” Hunter asked, his voice sounding husky and sleep ridden.

                “Not much,” I muttered, grabbing his shirt and getting up. I was immediately pulled back by Hunter’s grip on the bottom of the t-shirt.

                “Put some shorts on. I’m not having other guys gawp at you in just underwear,” he mumbled, giving me a look. I sighed, grabbing my shorts from the day before.

                “Happy now?” I asked, gesturing down my body. Hunter smirked, looking at me before grabbing my waist and pulling me to him. Gently pressing his lips to mine, he smiled, letting me go.

                “Yep. Bring me a coffee whilst you’re there,” he hollered, rolling over.

                “Get your own pigging coffee!” Hunter shook his head, burying his face in his pillow. The only way he was getting coffee from me was if I was pouring on him when I got back.

                Kyle’s house was so big that I was worried I’d need a map to find the kitchen again in the morning.

                My feet padded on the stairs as I turned the corner and made my way into the kitchen. I wouldn’t eat much, probably just a piece of toast before going for a run.

                Forget needing a map for the house, I needed a map for the kitchen alone. I couldn’t find the bread and I couldn’t find the butter. Hell, it took me a good five minutes before I came across the toaster.

                “You’ve got to plug it in first.” I glanced over my shoulder to see Lee standing by the wall, leaning against the doorframe.

                “Thanks for the tip,” I muttered, holding up the plug and looking for the nearest socket.

                “Over by the fridge,” Lee instructed, grabbing the plug from me and setting it all up, putting the bread in.

                “Thanks.” Lee smirked, leaning against the fridge.           

                “No worries, I’ll teach you how to use a kettle next,” he said with a wink before going into the fridge and drinking some orange juice. From the carton. Ew.

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