Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Dylan was sniggering beside me when Maya had started to ramble on about the art of contemporary poetry. I wasn't overly interested in what she had to say about it but once this girl started talking, there was no stopping her.

"I just find it really romantic," she finished, clapping her hands together with a smile. I offered a fake one back, turning around to face Dylan before she could get another word in.

"You know, maybe if you got to know her, she'd have something to talk to you about other than literature," he reasoned. I just sighed, turning back to the blank piece of paper in front of me. I hadn't been able to write anything for the entire hour that I'd be in there and my writer's block wasn't showing any signs of clearing.

"Are we having problems, Miss Deeks?" I looked up to see the professor standing in front of my desk, tapping my paper with his pen. I sighed, leaning back and running my hand through my fringe.

"I'm just coming up with a bit of a blank," I replied through my huff of breath. The professor nodded and crouched so that he could be eye level with me and just above my desk.

"Try reading between the words. Pick out the phrases that appeal to you most and then dissect them, just write down all the connotations that appeal to you," he finished, smiling at me. I nodded my thanks and set to work on 'dissecting' my book.

"It's time to pack up, boffin," Dylan whispered from beside me. I put my pen down, looking at the start of my essay. I was pretty proud of it, after my brief blank, it came out alright. I just had to finish it when I got home.

"At least I got something done," I mocked, nodding towards his paper which was only part full.

"I'm pretty sure that I saw steam coming from your pen." I rolled my eyes, slinging my bag over my shoulder as I made my way to the door.

"See you on Monday!" Maya called as she sauntered past me.

"Yeah, see you then," I replied after her without much effort. Dylan chuckled, walking beside me to sign out.

"So, do you need a lift home?" Dylan asked but I shook my head, opening the door and letting him through first.

"No, I'm going to Luke's house," I said with a shrug. Dylan frowned, gently grasping my elbow and taking me over to his car.


"He's paying me to walk his dog," I answered and he laughed.

"Have you seen his dog?" I frowned, lowering myself into the car and shaking my head.

"No, why?" Dylan just laughed, putting the car into gear and driving out into the road.

"You'll see when you get there." Was all that he said. Well, that was enough to set off my curiosity.

"What breed is it? Does it pull? Is it big?" The questions kept racing in Dylan's direction and to his credit, he didn't once tell me to shut up, he just ignored me.

When Dylan pulled up outside Des and Luke's house with a good luck through a laugh, I was slightly nervous to say the least.

"Andy!" Des exclaimed, throwing open the door and giving me a bear hug. I frowned, gently prying his arms from my back.

"How big is it?" I asked, stepping back and Des laughed, looking down.

"Well..." I shook my head frantically.

"The dog!" he chuckled, opening the door.

"He's... average," he threw over his shoulder as he led me through to the front room. Luke was sitting on the sofa with his legs up, giving me a salute as I made my way through the front room to the kitchen.

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