Chapter 26

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QUICK A/N. THE STORY IS NOT ANYWHERE NEAR FINISHING YET, THE SEQUEL ENQUIRY WAS JUST AN IDEA, THERE IS STILL QUITE A WAY TO GO :) Also: My chapters are going to stay around this size, which is at least 10 A5 pages on Word, if I do more, it's because I felt more info was needed so please don't ask for longer ones, I try to stick with this guideline size, thanks!

               I shook the dice, staring intently at the board with my lip rolled into my mouth.  If I rolled a three or a five, I would go down the final snake for the fifth time since we started playing.

                “Better blow on the dice for luck, Princess,” Hunter commented, leaning back against the sofa with his hands behind his head.

                “Not the only thing I’d like to blow on,” I muttered with a wink. Hunter noticeably stiffened, raising an eyebrow suggestively.

                “Feel free to help yourself.” He gestured down his body. I shook my head with a sigh, finally rolling the dice and landing a two.

                “Hell yes!” I exclaimed, moving my counter two spaces up, just in between a snake and the top of a ladder. Hunter groaned, running his hands down his face. The game of snakes and ladders had started up about an hour before when deciding what to watch that evening. Hunter didn’t want to watch a girly film and I was not in the mood for a horror or I wouldn’t be able to sleep in my own bed. Not that I’d be complaining about sharing with Hunter.

                 Looking down at the board, I realised that Hunter needed a three to get onto the ladder or a six to get up to the final line where I was standing. He shot me a grin before throwing his dice carelessly. Three. Absolutely typical. He fist pumped, imitating my high pitched ‘hell yes’ which gained him a sour look.

                “You’re going to lose,” he chimed, moving his counter up the ladder so that he was one in front of me. I groaned, picking up the dice and taking my roll with my eyes closed. Hunter laughed so I knew that it wasn’t good news when I cautiously opened one eye to see that I had landed one from the end which we all know is the longest snake on the board.

                “Damn it,” I cursed, grumpily moving my piece down the snake and three lines from the top.

                “Andy, you’re losing, just swear!” he exclaimed, shooting me a challenging look. I shook my head. Ever since he’d found out that I didn’t like to curse badly, he made it his goal to make me utter a swear word. Another challenge that he wasn’t going to win.

                “I was thinking, Friday 13th or Paranormal Activity,” he wondered out loud, throwing the dice that landed on a two, putting him two from the end of the game.

                “I don’t like horror films,” I stated for the umpteenth time, glaring at him. He shrugged, patting his lap.

                “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” I scoffed at his words, turning back to the board to take my go. Again, I scored a five, taking me down another snake.

                “Oh, for goodness sake,” I groaned.

                “If you give up now, I’ll let you hide behind a pillow,” Hunter offered, shooting me a smirk. I shook my head, folding my arms across my chest stubbornly.

                “Nope, you’re going to win in your next turn anyway,” I responded. Hunter sighed, juggling the dice around in his hand.   

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