Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

                The limo that Hunter and I had taken with Kenzi and her mum was extremely stuffy. It wasn’t the same one that had taken us to the church so more people were sharing the limo. Let’s just say that they were from Ashley’s side and they were very, very sweaty.

                Unfortunately, because more people were still piling in to take up all of the seats, Hunter had pulled me onto his lap to give room for Kenzi’s mum.

                “Such a gentleman, thank you,” she replied, smiling at Hunter before turning back to her daughter with some foundation powder.

                I just scoffed, leaning back against his chest. He didn’t make any protests, just gently brushed his thumb along the outside of my thigh. Everyone was chatting and laughing, already starting the celebrations when we pulled up outside the hall.

                Music was blaring out, escaping from the doorway and enlightening the street when the limo doors opened and my new ‘family’ started pouring out of the car. Hunter tapped my back gently, gesturing for me to get up. I got up from his lap, patting his thigh as I tipped forward and got out of the car, into the light.

                The doors of the hall were wide open, showing the dance floor and the bar on the inside with a large table set up to the right. Streamers and flash lights were hanging and teasing the small children that were running around. I recognised a young girl with blonde hair and a little party dress as Ashley’s niece.

                Hunter’s hand on my lower back brought me back to reality as he led me inside, both of us smiling at my relatives.

                “Where’s your dad?” Hunter asked, his breath brushing my ear and sending tingles down my entire body. I turned to see that he was standing directly behind me, his gaze drilling into the side of my head.

                “I don’t know, probably somewhere with Ashley,” I muttered. Hunter slung his arm around my shoulder, hugging me to him as we walked to check out the tables.

                The front of the room was the small dance floor and DJ decks whilst the rest of the room was made up of neatly set tables and a bar. I didn’t know where Hunter and I were going to be seated but I was hoping that it was somewhere near Dad.

                “Why weren’t you a bridesmaid?” Hunter asked when we’d stopped by the bar,

                “My dad asked me if I would but I was too far away to keep coming to and fro for the rehearsals and dress fittings. I can’t drive either, so that didn’t help.” Hunter nodded, ordering us both a shandy whilst he stood back, leaning on the bar to take in the room.

                “Andy!” I heard a cute, high pitched voice before I felt some little arms wrap around my bare legs. I looked down to see Poppy hugging me. I grinned, bending down and picking the three year up to hug her. She giggled, throwing her arms around my neck and snuggling against me. Hunter just watched with a small smile whilst I hugged her.

                “Hey, Pops,” I whispered, taking in her smell of jasmine. Poppy was my three year old cousin, she was absolutely adorable and my number one fan.

                “I miss you,” she whimpered, pulling back to look at me with her big brown puppy dog eyes. She had a twin brother as well, Thomas, but I couldn’t see him anywhere.

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