Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

                “Did that hurt?” I asked, driving my fist into Hunter’s back. His shoulders shook gently as he chuckled and looked back at me.

                “No, tickled,” he replied. I huffed, tapping his back with my toe from where my legs were swinging off the counter.

                Hunter, as per usual, had decided on making a hearty breakfast. Not that I was complaining, I was getting fed up of buying a bagel on the way to Uni as well but eating Hunter’s food meant complimenting him on his ability. For being a couple, we weren’t exactly very nice to each other.

                “The answer to that question was meant to be yes,” I muttered, rolling my eyes, gently prodding him again. He turned around smirking, giving me a curious look.

                “You want me to lie to you?” he asked, putting the tea towel over his shoulder and resting his hands on either side of my legs. I didn’t bother answering him, I just gently brushed my lips against his before shoving him back again.

                “I don’t want burnt breakfast,” I warned and he raised an eyebrow, turning back to the side.

                “What are you making, anyway?” I asked, jumping down from the side to look over his shoulder. I rested my hands on his shoulders, jumping up so that I could have a look.

                “Something more interesting than bagels,” he replied, shoving some sausages under the grill with some bacon.

                “You’re going to be sending my cholesterol sky high.” Hunter rolled his eyes, turning around and pressing himself against me against the counter.

                “We could always work it off afterwards,” he whispered huskily and I laughed.

                “Yep, I’m dancing with Kenzi so good idea.” My words caused him to scoff but it didn’t stop him pressing his lips to mine and gently trying to get me to open my mouth.

                “Crap,” Hunter muttered against my mouth, his hands retracting from my sides when the cooking timer and smoke alarm went off. I groaned, leaning back when he stepped away to take our now burnt breakfast out of the grill.

                “Doesn’t that look delicious,” I mumbled, looking over his shoulder at the crispy bacon and unrecognisable sausage.

                “You shouldn’t have distracted me,” Hunter accused, tipping it into the bin.

                “You shouldn’t be so easily distracted!” I grabbed my phone from the table, checking my messages.

                “Right, I have to go. I’m meeting Kenzi but I’ll catch you later,” I gushed, picking up my bag from the chair.

                “See you later,” Hunter hollered. I rolled my eyes, walking into the kitchen to give him a peck before leaving.

                “That was a pathetic kiss, I’m expecting a better one later,” Hunter mocked. I stuck my tongue out, shutting the door behind me as I rushed down to Kenzi’s apartment. If I was lucky, Seb wouldn’t be there.

                Just before I could knock, the door swung open, revealing Seb, looking rather uncomfortable. I raised my chin, looking at him stubbornly and waiting for him to move.

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