Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

“Isn’t hide and seek for, like, five year olds?” Kenzi moaned when I pushed my suitcase to the side so that both of us could fit in.

                “I don’t think this is a game of hide and seek,” I hissed, keeping my eyes trained on the door and my ears on high alert. Hunter hadn’t said anything else, just taken off towards his bedroom with an air of frustration and aggression. I’d seen his playful anger towards me and actual aggression towards his brother, but his face was like thunder.

                The voices were louder, sounding like they were directly outside of the flat, making my heart pound. It sounded so loud in my head that I felt I needed to tell it to shut up in case it gave us away.

                “What’s the date?” Kenzi asked suddenly, looking at me with a curious expression. I could only just make out the contours of her face through the darkness and dust. I really needed to tell Hunter that under my bed needed dusting. He was a professional with the vacuum, I’d watched him slurp up several spiders that I’d found in the bathroom with that thing.

                “I don’t know!” I retorted, lowering my chin to the floor, feeling the carpet gently tickle my chin.

                “Well, I was thinking maybe up here, they have April Fools later in the year,” Kenzi reasoned. In the end, I shoved one of my socks from the floor in her face to get her to shut up. I had no idea what was going on and Kenzi’s rambling was getting me no closer to finding out the answer.

                “Oh, Hunter!” A voice cooed as a loud bang marked the moment that the door swung open. I froze and felt Kenzi stiffen beside me. This was another one of those horror film moments when the kids hide under the bed and the burglar or murderer always finds them. I could only pray that either Hunter didn’t let them in my room or that they were just stupid and didn’t check under the bed.

                “Good mornin’, how can I help you?” Hunter’s voice was the next to reach my ears. It sounded eerily cold and controlled, something that would scare me out of my wits if I was the one talking to him.

                “Word on the street is that you owe your daddy something,” another voice drawled. It sounded American and I rolled my eyes, relaxing my shoulders. Kenzi hadn’t made any sounds, luckily, but she was staring at the door in shock.

                “C’mon, Shack, since when do you do my father’s dirty work?” he paused. “Besides, I got your warning, thanks, you can go now,” he dismissed but I heard no other sounds.

                “Hmm, it’s a shame that I didn’t actually get to delve inside her, she looked... delicious,” the voice returned and I shuddered. I knew that I’d recognised that voice. There was a loud bang, followed by another one that sounded as though someone had been thrown against a wall.

                “You threaten her again and I won’t hesitate to kill you, Shack. I let you go with a trip to the dentist the other night, this time won’t be so different,” Hunter all but snarled. He sounded feral.

                “You always did have a bit of a temper on you, Hunter. I’m not here for the slut, or for you. I’m here for the gun.” A new voice joined the conversation, sounding older and a lot more demanding.

                “Why aren’t we here for the chick, she clearly means something to him.” Shack, whoever he was, said.

                “You clearly don’t know me then. I don’t care for anyone, my father made sure of that. I just don’t want to have to deal with a crying girl that can’t get a grip because some asshole decided to try and rape her,” Hunter replied coldly. No more bangs sounded, or voices, only silence. I preferred the footsteps and the banging; the quiet set my blood to ice.

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