Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

                “If you don’t answer your phone now, I will drop you on your face,” Hunter mumbled with sleep laced through his voice. I opened one of my eyes, only to see Hunter’s jean clad knee. I groaned, pushing myself up to find myself across Hunter’s lap. I wasn’t even going to ask how that happened, instead, I got up and tried to aimlessly search for my phone. Because I couldn’t see properly, I must’ve looked pretty damn stupid patting around on the table for the source of the ringing.

                “What?” I huffed, putting the phone to my ear and dropping back onto Hunter’s lap. He didn’t seem to mind, he was so still that he’d either fallen back to sleep or was dead. I preferred option one, option two would be a pain in the ass if I needed to go somewhere. The perks of not being able to drive.

                “Good morning!” Kyle chimed on the end of the line. Great, Kyle calling was never a good thing; he always needed me to do something which meant moving which also meant unhappy Andy.

                “Yeah, yeah, what do you want?” I asked, rolling over so that I was lying on my back. Hunter was looking down at me with a groggy expression.

                “You’re not a morning person, I see,” he started.            

                “I’m going to hang up!” I threatened, making my voice strangely high pitched.

                “Don’t! We need you today,” he replied.

                “For what?”

                “Well, there’s this charity thing in the park, the guy that runs it booked the troop to perform and help out during the day,” he concluded. If it wasn’t for charity, I’d of told him to stuff it so that I could go to sleep. Hunter and I hadn’t gotten back from the zoo until the early hours of the morning.


                “Well, we’re needed there at one this afternoon so if you get here as soon as possible, we can have a couple hours to practise and sort the routines out.” I told him that I could be there as soon as I could before getting up and walking towards the bathroom. Hunter didn’t say a word, just patted my upper thigh when I walked past.

                I took a shower, grabbed my dance equipment and strolled back into the front room to ask another favour.

                “Hunter,” I drew out sweetly. Hunter looked up at me, raising an eyebrow. He looked a lot more awake and smirked.

                “What do you want, Princess?” he asked, pushing himself up from the sofa with a small grunt.

                “A lift to the warehouse, please.” Hunter rolled his eyes, patting his jeans to make sure that he had his keys before taking off towards the door.

                The walk to the car was silent until we clambered inside and Hunter started the engine.

                “I’m going to teach you how to drive,” he replied, pushing the car into drive and onto the road.

                “Good luck with that one,” I muttered, glancing out of the window.

                “So, what are you doing today?” he asked, leaning against the window as he drove.

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