Chapter 44

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                Seb didn’t exactly look prepared for a battering when I hammered on the door the next morning. Hunter was leaning on the wall next to me in case I needed back up. In my opinion, my aim with my kicks was getting so much better that I would never need back up ever again.

                “What do you want?” Seb grumbled, leaning on the open door. His hair was ruffled and his chin was coated in stubble. I raised both of my eyebrows and Hunter just smirked, looking at his brother with pure amusement.

                “Good morning, Robinson Crusoe, not found Man Friday yet?” Hunter asked, looking at Seb’s beard with a pointed expression. I stifled my laugh, shooting Seb a sour look.

                “Hello to you, too. We need to talk,” I muttered, pushing past him with Hunter behind me.

                “It sounds like you’re breaking up with me,” Seb mumbled, slamming the door behind us all.

                “No, this is about you breaking up with Kenzi!” I exclaimed, whirling around, narrowly missing Hunter as he side stepped out of the way.

                “She slept with Shack,” Seb retorted. I groaned, shaking my head.

                “Because you dumped her! What happened?” I asked, sitting down on the sofa. Hunter tapped my thigh, gesturing for me to move up. I did that and then looked at Seb who shifted uncomfortably.

                “I had to,” he whispered, sitting down opposite us on the other sofa. Hunter said nothing and I sighed, running my hands down my face.

                “Let me guess, your dad?” I asked. He nodded, looking at me dead in the eye.

                “He doesn’t think that he can trust me as much as he used to. He thought Kenzi was the cause so told me to dump her and give her up to Shack who would take it from there,” he explained, grimacing at the word ‘shack’.

                “And you let him tell you to do that?” Seb nodded, glaring in my direction.

                “You have no right to judge; you don’t know anything about all this so don’t act like you do. I really liked her, Andy, so don’t shove this back in my face,” he snapped.

                “This isn’t Andy’s fault, Seb, it’s yours. You were too cowardly to stand up to him and say that you cared,” Hunter stepped in, his tone cold and distant.

                “Bit whipped, are we, brother?” Seb sneered, standing up and running his hand through his hair again, making it more tousled.

                “No but you’re being unnecessarily catty, cut it out.” I sighed, holding my hand up. Hunter shot me an amused smirk and Seb sat down again on the seat, giving me all of his attention.

                “Is she with Shack?” he asked, desperation laced through his voice.

                “No, Seb, she’s not. She thinks it was a one night thing to get back at you,” I replied softly. Seb grunted, sitting back in his seat.

                “I can’t get her back, not without defying my dad,” he muttered. He seemed to be speaking more to himself than he was to us.

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