Chapter 10

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Not overly happy with this one, but hey, I hope you like it nonetheless. Dedication to sophie for the amazing cover! Thank you again!:)

Hunter didn’t say anything; he just rubbed the nape of his neck nervously, causing me to narrow my eyes on his speechless form.

I carefully shoved my hand in his direction, holding the butt of the gun between my finger tips. There was no way that my hand was going near the trigger, I didn’t want to go to jail for manslaughter, even if the guy was an absolute ass. I doubted that excuse would hold up in court.

“Self defence,” Hunter said at last, taking the gun from my trembling hand and shoving it in the waistband of his jeans.

“Self defence from what exactly?! Those girls that you can’t remember hooking up with?” I exclaimed, standing up from the sofa to try to intimidate him. What I didn’t account for, was his height. If anything, his gaze intimidated me.

“You’d be surprised at how strange they get,” he replied and my eyes widened. His hands immediately shot up defensively and he grinned. “Relax, I was kidding.”

On instinct, I slapped his arm. He didn’t even flinch so I rolled my eyes and flumped back down on the sofa.

“So, why do you have a gun?” I tried again. Hunter sighed, perching on the arm of the sofa.       

“Like I said, self defence.” I groaned, shifting over to face him. His green eyes shot me a warning to shut up, so I decided to take it. Getting up, Hunter cleared his throat and I glanced over my shoulder at him.

“You don’t have to be scared of me,” he said softly and I almost found myself sinking down on the seat next to time. Almost. Instead, I shrugged as if it was nothing and continued on my route to the kitchen.

It was when I got there that I began to freak out. There was no way that my mum or dad could find out about it, but I’d have to tell them if I decided to move and then I’d have to explain why I was moving. Moving wasn’t an option. Getting rid of the gun seemed too Mission Impossible for me and even then, where would I take it? Just arrive at the police station and tell them that I casually found a gun? I didn’t think so. Confiding in either Seb or Dylan didn’t seem like a good idea either. What if the gun was defence against Seb?

In the end, to calm myself down, I attempted to cook.

“Is something burning?” Hunter asked, sauntering into the kitchen in his jogger bottoms and wind beater. I groaned, opening the oven and swatting away the smoke that erupted from the gap. I coughed, opening the oven fully to take out my burnt attempt at chicken burgers. Hunter skilfully reached up and blocked any smoke from attacking the smoke detector and setting it off.

“Well, there goes my dinner,” I grumbled, tipping the plate into the bin and watching the burger flop into all of the rubbish.

“Pizza?” Hunter asked and I nodded, sighing as I walked towards the phone and ordered the food. Once I had finished ordering, I returned to the front room, only to find Hunter sitting on the sofa with a bottle of vodka.

“Fancy playing a game?” Hunter asked wearing a mischievous grin.

“You sound like that guy out of Saw,” I replied, dropping into the plush arm chair. He chuckled, shifting down from the sofa to the floor. Smirking, I followed and Hunter placed the bottle between us.

“Never have I ever?” He asked and I shrugged, crossing one of my legs over the other and stretching.

“Never have I ever kissed someone of the same sex.” Hunter kicked it off and I grabbed the vodka, taking my first small swig. I tried not to wince as the liquid burnt down my entire throat, setting it on fire. Hunter raised his eyebrows quizzically and I smirked.

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