Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Hunter paused, staying behind as I ran over to Marco, throwing my arms around him in a hug.

                “Hey,” I said into his neck. His arms tightened around my waist and he smiled against my hair.

                “Hey, girl,” he whispered. Someone cleared their throat behind us and I turned to see that Hunter was standing there with his arms crossed, an annoyed expression painted into his face. Marco’s grip on my waist loosened slightly when I pulled back to smile at him and turn to my roommate. Marco’s eyebrow rose as he took Hunter in, scrunching his nose up.

                “Um, this is Hunter, my roommate,” I started, gesturing towards Hunter. “And this is Marco, my ex boyfriend and old dance troop leader,” I muttered, getting less and less confident with each word. Marco wasn’t just my ex, he was also Kenzi’s brother.

                “Hmm,” Hunter mumbled, pushing the door open and walking inside without so much as glancing in my direction.

                “He sounds like fun,” Marco added behind me. I sighed, twisting around to see him. His rugged Spanish features looked a lot more chiselled and he’d grown a slightly stubble on his chin. I hadn’t seen him for a while before we left for uni. Mainly because Kenzi’s mum had kicked him out for dancing and drinking, thinking he was irresponsible and a bad example for his younger sister. We’d only broken up because he had to move miles out and the only chance we got to see each other was when we practised dancing. My mum didn’t really like him either due to what Kenzi’s mum had been saying about him so we’d grown apart and decided that we’d be best as friends.

                “He’s like a girl on her menstrual cycle, it’s best to ignore him.” Marco chuckled, drawing me in for another hug. “How are you?” I asked at last.

                “I’m alright, you?” he asked, drawing away to lean on the wall outside of our flat. I didn’t really see it as safe taking him inside so I slid down the wall to sit on the floor. He soon joined me, resting his forearms on his knees.

                “Yeah, I’m good. Why are you all the way up here?” he sighed, running his hands down his face.

                “In all honesty, I came to see Kenzi.” I frowned but let him continue. “Apparently, she’s living with Seb Jacobs,” he continued. I raised a quizzical eyebrow.

                “Yeah, she is, why?” Marco crossed his arms over his chest.

                “He’s a bit on the dangerous side,” he started and I froze. Was his brother as bad or was I just being paranoid? Who was I kidding, I’d found a fricken gun!

                “He seems alright.” Marco sighed at my words, sending me a sour look.

                “Andy, he’s part of a downtown gang, so is his brother.” I stiffened, wincing slightly at his words. I would have to move out, finding somewhere else would be difficult and explaining to my mum why I was moving again would just make matters work.

                “Hunter isn’t in a gang,” I quickly defended and Marco’s head snapped in my direction.

                “That was Hunter Jacobs?” he asked. Groaning, I nodded. Just as I was about to answer Marco, the lift doors slid open, revealing Kyle. He grinned at me but the smile dropped when he set his sights on Kenzi’s brother.

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