Chapter 48

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  Chapter 48

Waiting for Zoe to receive the phone call to tell us that the boys were okay, seemed to take a lifetime.

                “Would you stop shaking your leg?” Zoe hissed, glaring in my direction. Lee sighed, shaking his head.

                “Lay off, Zoe, she’s worried,” Lee muttered, slinging his arm around my shoulder and pulling him to me. I went limply, taking in his scent and his warmth. Quiet settled around us and the only sounds were the occasional cluttering from the kitchen where Chase and Kyle were trying to keep themselves busy.

                “We all know the plan, right?” Zoe asked for probably about the tenth time. I knew the plan; she’d practically drilled it into my skull and then made me repeat it just to be on the safe side.

                We were all going to be in the club, Kyle behind the bar, me dancing with Zoe and Alfie and Lee would just be the spectators. I was feeling slightly conspicuous about dancing around in my underwear. At least if I was brought into the E.R, I’d get to give the doctors a good show before officially snuffing it. I was thinking far too much.

                My rather disturbing thoughts were interrupted by my phone vibrating on the counter. Zoe shot me a look as I picked it up and walked into the other room.

                “Hello?” I asked into the receiver, leaning against the cold wall of the dining room.

                “Andy?” Kenzi’s voice was rough and she sounded as though she had been crying. If Seb had done something to her, Hunter’s gun was going to be the last of his worries.

                “What’s wrong?” I asked immediately, straightening up and holding the phone tighter to my ear.

                “I’m scared.”

                “Why?” I pushed; frowning and feeling my heart rate speed up. If they had gotten to Kenzi, there was a strong chance that we wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. We already had too much on our plates.

                “I came back to get some clean underwear and talk to Seb. He was on the sofa,” she paused, letting out a strangled sob. “There was blood everywhere, Andy,” she wailed.

                “Kenzi, sweetie, slow down, what happened?”

                “He was stabbed. I’m in the hospital waiting room, he’s in surgery right now but they don’t know if he’s going to make it,” she whispered. Crap. What timing.

                “Just calm down. Is Marco there with you?” I asked her.


                “Call him,” I instructed, looking over my shoulder at Alfie who was gesturing towards the living room. I shook my head, putting one finger up to let him know that I wouldn’t be long.

                “Can’t you get down here?” she asked, her voice sounding a lot less sure of herself. I winced at her tone.

                “I honestly can’t, I’m tied up. I will get down there as soon as I can, okay?” she sighed at my words.

                “I’ll call Marco,” she said before hanging up the phone without saying so much as a goodbye. I’m pretty sure that my only talent is accidently pissing people off.

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