Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

                “You know, if you’d of read the whole book then you’d of been able to link it back,” Maya replied and Dylan coughed beside me to cover his chuckle. I glared in his direction before fitting Maya with a fake smile, gritting my teeth.

                “I know, I didn’t have time,” I replied. She shook her head, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder. I looked down at her perfect alignment of pens, the temptation to move one just slightly so that it was crooked was huge.

                “You should, this is your studies, you know.” I didn’t answer, just glanced out of the corner of my eye at Dylan, who was pretending not to be listening to the exchange.

                “Maya, she fell down the stairs in her flat, she didn’t have time,” Dylan spoke up. I frowned at him. I hadn’t fallen down the stairs, I’d been trying to stay in my apartment, fighting off my mother. Maya’s face fell and immediately welled up with guilt.

                “Oh my gosh! I didn’t know, I’m so sorry, are you okay?” she blurted and I raised both of my eyebrows in surprise. When I looked back at Dylan, he just shrugged, going back to his essay.

                “Um, honestly, I’m fine.” After about five minutes of trying to convince her that I was okay, she finally gave up and went back to her writing. I elbowed Dylan in the ribs and he laughed, glancing up at me through his hair.

                “That was not funny,” I muttered but Dylan shook his head, straightening to look at me properly.

                “On the contrary, my friend, her face was hilarious.” I shot him a sour look and started again on writing my controlled essay. It wasn’t too hard, I’d gotten to pick what I wanted to study and I’d picked some contemporary poems, some of my favourite works. I chuckled.

                “I suppose it was pretty funny.” Dylan mimicked her shocked face and that was it, my laugh came out in a splutter. Maya looked at me with a mixture of confusion and annoyance for breaking her concentration.

                “Sorry,” I choked out. She shrugged, turning back to her work. I thwacked Dylan on the arm and he laughed, placing his pen down on the table as he searched through his bag.

                “Did Kyle tell you about the gig tonight?” he asked. I had strained my ears to hear him but I nodded. When he didn’t answer, I realised how stupid I’d been, he couldn’t see me, why did I nod?

                “Yeah, well, Kenzi did,” I added and Dylan straightened, handing me a co-op bag. I smirked at it.

                “Um, it’s okay, you can keep your groceries, Hunter actually feeds me, believe it or not.” Dylan shot me a look, thrusting the bag at me again. This time I took it and peered inside. There was a piece of bright neon fabric so I guessed that it was my clothes for the gig. I glanced at Dylan who seemed to be studying my reaction.

                “What?” He shook his head with a smile.

                “Nothing, you just don’t have much time at home, I get to drop you back, you’ve got twenty minutes to shower and then I’m coming to get you,” he informed me matter-o-factly and I smirked.

                “Are you now?” he raised an eyebrow, not even satisfying me with an answer. Class didn’t last much longer than that and I didn’t have much chance to pack up and say goodbye to Maya, the local OCD sufferer, before being dragged out by my bag by Dylan.

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