Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

                Before Hunter could get out of the car, I grabbed his sleeve, pulling him back a little.

                His angry green eyes looked down at me before returning to his brother who had folded his arms impatiently in front of the car.

                “You’re not killing anybody, just hear him out,” I whispered but Hunter shook his head, yanking his hand back from my grasp.

                I groaned, sitting back in my seat, watching as Hunter approached Seb. They were shouting about something, I was pretty sure that I heard my name in there, and Kenzi’s, but they were starting to get quite aggressive.

                Seb pushed Hunter backwards, narrowing his eyes and shouting something. Scoffing, I put the key in the ignition and started the car. Both brothers turned to look at me behind the wheel with shocked faces, jumping backwards out of the way before I could go forwards. Not that I’d be able to anyway.

                “What the hell, Andy?” Seb yelled, throwing his arms up behind his head. Hunter just smirked, grabbing his brother by the collar and opening the back door, shoving him in.

                “You two need to cut the crap, you’re both acting like five year olds!” I accused, turning around in my seat to look at Seb. There were large, dark circles under his eyes and his stubble looked a few days old. I could only thing of one word to describe him and that was ‘knackered’.

                “What do you want?” Hunter asked, slipping into the passenger seat. Seb sighed, running his hands down his face.

                “I need a lift to the party and I need to call Kenzi, can I borrow your phone?” Seb asked me. I frowned, glancing at Hunter before taking my phone out and handing it to him.

                Hunter stayed quiet, watching his brother with no emotion on his face. Reading his thoughts was pretty much impossible. Seb’s fingers were moving quickly along my touch screen before he looked up and handed my phone back.

                “I don’t know when she’ll be there, she said she had some notes to go over,” Seb replied, looking between us both. The way he said ‘notes’ was drawn out but he quickly covered that, sitting back in his seat and turning to Hunter.

                “How’s the gang life going, worked out how to kill me yet?” Hunter asked, glaring at his brother.

                “Not yet. I still need the necklace, though,” Seb said calmly, running his hand through his hair. He caught my eye and then looked down at my phone with a slight nod before returning his brother’s glare.

                “You’re not getting it. Just so that is clear,” he replied. Instead of listening in on their conversation, I looked down at my phone.

                After scrolling through my message screen, I discovered that Seb hadn’t sent Kenzi a message, there was nothing in the sent box for her. Frowning, I put the phone back in my pocket. Hunter had been watching my movements, shooting me a curious look before twisting back to look at Seb.

                “That’s clear to me but Dad isn’t giving up quite yet.” Hunter nodded at Seb’s statement, seeming uninterested as he looked back at me and smiled.

                “I’ll drive. I do want to get there tonight,” Hunter said with a wink, leaning over to give me a kiss and my shoulder a reassuring squeeze before he got out and walked around the side of the car.

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