Chapter 41

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                Chapter 41

                Let’s just say that cooking wasn’t exactly my forte.

                “Would you just turn it off!” Hunter exclaimed, his voice sounding strained by the fact that my legs were around his neck. Not like that... this wasn’t such a pleasant experience. I had set the smoke alarm off with my breakfast and we’d been having problems with the alarm for about fifteen minutes. I was actually beginning to get concerned about the health of my ears, it was that high pitched.

                “I would if you’d stop bloody moving!” I hissed, reaching up and pressing the red button again.

                “I’m not moving,” he retorted, clamping his hands on my thighs. I pressed the button again, groaning when the pitch went louder and higher.

                “Put me down, this is blasting my ear drums!” I replied, punctuating my sentence by patting his head. Hunter grumbled something under his breath as he lowered me to the floor from his shoulders.

                “What are we going to do?!” I asked, looking up at the device created by Satan himself.

                “Hammer it?” he retorted, grabbing a saucepan from the side and thwacking the alarm with it. Finally, heavenly silence.

                “There, job done,” Hunter replied, brushing his hands together, smiling smugly at his work. Even the most skilled of electricians wouldn’t be able to put that back together.

                “How will we be able to tell if there’s a fire?” I asked, staring at the alarm.

                “Princess, this place is tiny, I think we’ll be able to see it.” I just shot him a look before retreating to the sofa, leaving my breakfast frazzling away in the oven.

                “Fine, just remember stop, drop and roll,” I threw over my shoulder, flumping down on the sofa.

                Hunter opened the fridge, grabbed a couple cereal bars and lobbed one at me, hitting me in the chest.

                “Thanks,” I mumbled, feeling the sofa drop as Hunter sat down next to me.

                I felt am arm come around my shoulder and I twisted, sitting cross legged facing him. He looked at me and grabbed my hand, twining his fingers with mine. I sighed, brining our joined hands to my face and breathed deeply with closed eyes.

                “I have a plan,” I whispered. Hunter’s eyes met mine and he sighed, running his thumb along the top of my hand, his calloused skin brushing against the soft surface.

                “Fancy sharing?”

                “You said that Seb didn’t know what the necklace looked like, right?” Hunter nodded, seemingly knowing where I was going with this. “So, chances are, Kyle doesn’t either.” A grin spread across Hunter’s face as he nodded.

                “And neither does Zoe so we can just fake it to see what she’s up to,” he finished. I smiled, leaning forward to kiss him.

                “I have a necklace that we can use,” I said, sitting back against the arm of the chair.

                “We’ll have to give her the real gun, though,” he let out through a sigh. That was true, but if his dad wanted the necklace that badly, there was no way that Hunter was going to be in direct danger. I didn’t overly trust Zoe but if she offered him protection then it would keep him relatively safe until we could sort it once and for all.

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