Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

                Lee and Alfie had stopped and were looking behind me with a frown and Hunter had frozen and I turned, closing one eye, slightly on edge.

                “Good afternoon, Alex,” Hunter said smoothly. Alex... I turned around to find that I recognised the guy. He was the one that was working behind the bar when we went to the strip club.

                “Afternoon, Hunter.” His dark eyes were trained on Hunter’s directly, shooting him a smirk.

                “I’m gonna go this way,” I muttered, starting to make my way towards Lee. Hunter gently grasped the bottom of my top and Alex grinned, watching the exchange.

                “Love, you’re not going anywhere until I get that necklace,” Alex cooed, looking my body up and down.

                “Look at her like that again and you’ll get a scar to match on the other side of your face,” Hunter retorted. Alfie moved closer, flanking me on the other side.

                “Your bark is bigger than your bite, Hunter.” Hunter smirked but it wasn’t an amused smirk, more along the lines of if you don’t shut up, I’ll play golf with your head, smirk.

                “Want to test that theory?” Hunter asked, cocking his head to the side.

                “Guys,” Chase interrupted, standing between them both. Hunter stiffened, his hand still hadn’t moved from my side.

                “Chase, move,” Alex warned, his eyes trained on my neckline. This couldn’t be good. I leaned up, gently kissed Hunter’s cheek and whispered.               

                “Should I run?” Hunter glanced down at me and then looked back at Lee who nodded.

                “Now, go,” he hissed, turning back to Alex.

                I took the chance and Lee grabbed my upper arm, taking me with him as we made a run for it towards the other side of the course.

                Our feet were hammering and Lee glanced back over his shoulder, tugging me behind the building and reaching into his waistband to feel for something.

                “What’s going on?” I breathed out, leaning against the wall, pressing my back tight to it.

                “Alex is a world class snitch, you don’t want to see what Hunter and Chase are about to do so let’s get you somewhere safe, okay?” he replied, glancing over his shoulder before ushering me out from behind the building and around the other side.

                “Wait, you know that we switched them?”

                “Yeah. Hunter told us last night. We’re friends, alright? We’re trying to get you and Hunter out of this.” I sighed at Lee’s words. It would be so much easier if I trusted him as much as I did Hunter.

                “Lead the way, I just need to use the bathroom,” I muttered causing Lee to laugh, shooting me a look.

                “Scare you that much?” he asked.

                “I’m surprised I didn’t go there and then,” I mocked. Lee smirked, walking towards Alfie’s car.

                Turns out, Lee just drove straight back to the house, checking out the rooms before I could go in them.

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