Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

"I can't believe that you haven't tied him to the bed and had your wicked way with him yet!" Kenzi exclaimed, pouting at me whilst looking over her sunglasses.

"Kenzi, have you met me?" I asked, rolling over from my back to my stomach. One thing that I didn't want was being more tanned on one side than the other. That would be embarrassing.

"Well, I don't even know you anymore. Andy Deeks would not have spent last night in the arms of the guy that she has a bet with, not to mention matching tattoos," Kenzi replied, also rolling over and resting her chin on her arms. I scoffed, glancing down at the bow and arrow that was sitting on my ankle, glowing in the sunlight.

"I prefer this me," I huffed, glancing over at my best friend. I hadn't seen her as much as I'd of liked since we'd moved up here and sunbathing in the garden at the back of the apartment blocks seemed to be the most bonding we'd had in ages.

"Don't get me wrong, I love the new Andy but it's just strange seeing you so carefree," she said with a shrug, watching me write down my final paragraph of revision.

"Does this look even remotely carefree?" I asked, gesturing to my wide array of text books and poems that were surrounding the front of my towel. She laughed, shaking her head.

"It does look a little bit frantic but a lot calmer than you were at home. Being away from your mum is doing you good," she concluded. I had to agree with her there; not having my mum looming over me every five seconds made life a lot easier.

"How is Marco?" I asked hesitantly. After ditching him the night before, he hadn't been in touch, even his 'good morning' text message didn't come through. Granted I had slept at the cabin on the sofa with Hunter, but I still missed the pleasant morning text.

"He's pissed off to say the least," she admitted, stealing a glance in my direction.

"I said that I was sorry." I had to admit, even to me, it sounded pathetic. Kenzi's expression mirrored my thoughts.

"You're not with him anymore, he needs to get used to it," she replied, picking up her bottle of coke and taking a swig.

"I know that but I still feel awful about it," I sighed out. Kenzi rolled her eyes.

"You shouldn't, you had a good night with Hunter." I nodded in agreement. I'd had an amazing night with Hunter but that still didn't erase the guilt. "Plus, it looks like someone lost the bet," she added with a wink, gesturing to my neck. I sighed, clamping my hand to the love bite that was sitting on neck in all it's dirty glory. After the phone rang, Hunter had insisted on another few minutes fooling around which resorted in the mark on my neck.

"Nobody has lost yet." Kenzi raised an eyebrow, looking at me with confusion.

"I don't see the point in this bet, you clearly want to bed each other," she muttered. I nodded.

"I'm beginning to regret it if I'm honest." I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want to sleep with Hunter, the amount of times that I'd nearly caved were ridiculous but I had a pride to look after and giving in would cause serious damage to said pride.

"What actually happens if you win then?" I shrugged. I didn't actually know, I guessed that sex was obviously part of the prize.

"I don't know, bragging rights?" she grinned. I agreed with her, bragging rights were totally worth it.

"I don't think the bet is worth it, he's hot and he's gagging for you so just go for it," she waved it off but I shook my head.

"No chance, I'm winning this." She rolled her eyes but was smiling, if the situation was vice versa, she'd be exactly the same.

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