Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 (Quick warning, there are a couple curse words in this chapter)

                “What?” I asked incredulously whilst Hunter pushed himself up, running his hand down his face.

                “He lied about leaving and he lied about the dagger,” he all but spat. I winced at his bitter tone but managed to sit up, crossing my legs Indian style across from him.

                “And if he’s lying about that...” I started. Hunter nodded.

                “What else is he lying about?” he finished. This was absolutely ridiculous, kind of like an episode from lost. Who was the good guy? Who was the bad guy? Jackpot prize to the winning bet is not ending up dead.

                I sighed, groaning as Hunter looked away, glaring out of the window.

                “What were his exact words earlier?” Hunter asked, turning to meet my eyes.

                “Um, just that he would sort this out and not to tell you. He’d come to speak to you tomorrow.” Hunter nodded, hanging onto my every word.

                “I think that we need to separate a bit,” he replied at last, looking at me emotionlessly through his deep green eyes. I raised a quizzical eyebrow.

                “Careful, Hunter. It’s beginning to sound like the bad boy is falling for the good girl.” Hunter chuckled, his award winning smirk finally making its way upon his face.

                “I thought you said that you weren’t a good girl?” he asked whilst cocking his head to the side, challenging me.

                “I’m not, but it seems like I’m coming almighty close to changing you. You’re caring for someone,” I replied nonchalantly. Of course, I was only teasing the annoying sod, but there was a part of me that hoped what I was saying was true.

                “I don’t care for anyone. I just don’t want to have to take care of your dead body, Princess. I’m still badass, there is nothing that you can do to change that,” he finished, quirking one side of his mouth. I scoffed.

                “Whatever, I’ll go and dig myself a grave if it stops you from saying that. Words hurt,” I added, touching my chest in mock pain. Hunter laughed, shaking his head.

                “You’re sounding an awful lot like me, Princess. Are you sure that I’m not changing you?” he asked with a wink. As much as I loved the playful flirting, we really needed to talk about something important. Like how we both seemed to have a death wish. There was the other half of it where I didn’t want to speak about how much he had actually changed my way of life. Not that I was about to tell him that.

                “Long story short, I’m not moving out,” I announced, folding my arms over my chest. Hunter frowned, giving me a curious look.

                “Why would you have to move out?”

                “Because you said that we need to separate a bit,” I retorted in a ‘duh’ tone.

                “I meant that you need to stop throwing yourself at me, not move out.” I scoffed at his arrogant words, shaking my head.

                “In your dreams. I am not throwing myself at you, you keep touching me!” I quickly denied but Hunter just chuckled, dropping the subject immediately.

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