Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

(Hunter's POV for the phone call in Chapter 25 is up in the other book!)

I glanced over my shoulder, adjusting the shoulder bag. Dylan was standing in the corner besides the counter whilst Kyle and Zoe were nowhere to be seen.

We were planning what seemed to be one of the tensest performances yet, a flash dance mob. It had been Kenzi's idea yesterday at the park when she had started to dance with Seb and a crowd started to gather to watch. We were doing our first in the mall on the bottom floor. Although I was trying to be as casual as possible so that nobody would suspect anything, all my movements seemed forced and suspicious. Hunter had agreed to set up the music and Des was going to start the dance on his own in the centre. Luke would join shortly after to be followed by Zoe and Kenzi. They were going to do a small duo each before Dylan and I would get involved with Kyle.

The timing was key and everything was moving at about 100 miles an hour. Dylan looked over at me but quickly turned away, paying for the scratch card that he had bought.

"Hey!" I heard a voice to my right so I turned to the source, only to find myself face to face with someone that I didn't recognise.

"Um, hi," I replied. My only hope was that the music didn't stop or leaving the conversation was going to be difficult and very strange.

"Ha, you probably don't recognise me. I'm Jack, I watched you at the park yesterday." I smiled, reaching out to shake his hand.

"Yeah, I don't think I've seen you before," I said, trying to sound chirpy when I really thought that my stomach was going to start doing back flips.

"I guessed so. I just wanted to say how good you guys were at the end, great show." I nodded with a smile.

"Thanks!" And then the music started. Dylan had noticeably stiffened and I froze, glancing out and watching Des start his solo. It was body popping and people were looking at him like he'd grown a third head. Jack had also turned around and was looking at him curiously.

In my opinion, Des was one of the best dancers in the crew. His arms were popping as he moved around and twisted. People were beginning to step back and give him space, unaware that Luke was about to jump in and start pushing Des back to do his own.

Luke jumped in at the beat of the drum, twisting and spinning. He was one of the dancers that could get down on his hands and push himself up and around. Des turned and joined Luke, both matching their movements in sync and grinning at the cheering crowd.

Our music, was of course, a remix of some beats and just as the music changed Zoe and Kenzi emerged from the crowd, grabbing onto the boys neck and leaning back in a limbo movement. The boys brought them back up to meet their faces before Zoe and Kenzi split down to the floor, preparing to be picked up by their partners. I clapped and cheered along the Jack and the rest of the crowd. All the shoppers had formed a circle around our troop, leaving little room for Dylan and I to slide in. Kyle was going to be walking through the crowd, joining us in the centre.

Just as Kenzi and Zoe made room, I took my point and moved forward, sliding in, meeting Dylan in the middle from the other side. When we had gotten to our feet, the music picked up, giving Kyle his cue to join us.

The troop had finally managed to work ourselves into a synced dance, body rolling forwards and stepping backwards into our partners. Kyle didn't have a partner so everyone spaced to give him a solo, which he completed perfectly. After finishing the final bit of footwork sequence, we all split off, walking away in separate directions as if nothing had happened.

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