Chapter 40

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"This is absolutely ridiculous," Hunter muttered, looking at me with a strained look on his face.

I had to admit, my arms were getting tired but there was no way I was giving up. As soon as we'd gotten to the cabin, Hunter had suggested that I took a shower with him to clean off the pool water and the sweat from the party. I'd said no so we'd gotten ourselves locked in a bet.

"This isn't fair, you're a dancer!" he said through a groan. He looked quite funny upside down. The bet was a stupid one, I mean, who hand stands against a wall to decide if they're going to shower with their boyfriend or not?

"And you have so much muscle on your arms that I could probably feed about twenty people with it!" I hissed, feeling the blood rush to my head. Hunter laughed, shooting me a look.

"Now you're turning orphans cannibalistic, aren't you a saint?" I chuckled, shaking my head. As I did so, I felt all my hair brush against the carpet and my top fall further down on top of my bust, leaving my stomach exposed. Hunter's was the same but his jacket was keeping the top up further.

"Human tastes like pork!" I argued. Hunter raised both of his eyebrows at me.

"Is there something you haven't told me?" he asked, a smile playing on his lips before he groaned.

"Giving up yet, loser?" I asked, crossing one of my legs over the other against the wall. Hunter scowled, shaking his head.

"Nope. You?" I grinned.

"Never!" I exclaimed, causing him to chuckle.

"You're nuts." Smirking, I looked away from him and up at where his top was slipping down. The smooth line of muscle on tanned skin glowed from under his white shirt, the 'V' from his hips slowly coming into view.

"Want the shower with me yet?" Hunter asked, drawing my attention away from his abs and back to his face. I just snorted. "How ladylike," he muttered.

"Hunter, baby, the whole reason I am hanging upside down right now is so that I don't have to shower with you. I'm not changing my mind and I am going to win," I said with a sniff.

"If you're so good at hand stands, you wouldn't mind if I just kicked you a little bit?" he asked, edging his shin closer. I widened my eyes, looking to my left to see if it was possible to shuffle along the wall.

"You said that you'd never hit a girl, cheat!" I hissed, moving my hands along and bringing my legs with them. The joys of being a flexible dancer.

"I would be kicking you, not hitting you, there's a difference," he reasoned, watching me scoot. "Right, that's it. Have your shower, I'll make food," he added. I watched as he flipped down to the floor, standing straight and holding his head. Then he looked at me and grinned. Before I could do anything, he walked over and started to tickle my sides. I squeaked, letting my arms collapse as I crashed to the floor; body half on the floor and half on the wall.

"Did you just squeak?" he asked and I groaned, rolling over against Hunter to sit up straight. Rubbing my head, I groaned. Talk about head rush.

"Like a mouse. I'm going for my shower," I replied, not even bothering to deny it. Hunter rolled his eyes, handing me a towel before walking over to the kitchen.

The cabin wasn't that bad to stay in. If anything, it was adorable. All the rooms were fairly small, I found it difficult to move in the bathroom and the bedroom could only just sit the queen size bed in with a small chest of drawers. The kitchen was just on the far wall of the front room whilst the front room itself only contained a sofa, a TV and a CD player.

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