Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

"Do not mention the drugs, the gun or the girls. Do not mention my father and please, I beg of you, be polite," I recited. Hunter smirked, rubbing the nape of his neck.

"Andy, calm down. You've told me this about a million times, chill," he groaned out. I narrowed my eyes, jabbing my finger into his firm chest.

"It is your fault that I am in this mess so stop being snarky!" I hissed through the stress. He chuckled softly, gently grasping my wrist and returning it to my side. My mum coming around was just about the biggest problem I had ever faced in my life. Well, asides from trying to get Hunter's stoned friend of our apartment the night before, that was far from easy.

"I'm not being, snarky, you need to calm down." His voice had taken a softer tone to it as he looked at me with gentler eyes. It wasn't until I'd snapped out of my stressed filled haze that I felt Hunter's warm, large hands on my bare shoulders. I sighed, letting the air get to my lungs. My dad knew about me living with Hunter, hell, he even gave me some money towards rent but my mum didn't know about him, she thought that I was living with Kenzi.

"Remember, you are this geek from uni that didn't have anywhere to go when your flat flooded so you ended up here. You've never been arrested, tasted alcohol or even heard of the word pot," I breathed out and Hunter sighed.

"I'm only doing this because I owe you but I am not being a walking advertisement for the perfect student so you'll have to deal with what I come up with," he replied with a wink. He didn't even seem to notice my glare when he strolled to the sofa and dropped down onto the cushions, giving me an unappreciative check over.

"Do you normally dress like the virgin Mary?" Hunter asked and I scowled, looking down at my outfit. I didn't look like the Virgin Mary, he was exaggerating. I just wasn't wearing my usual ripped jeans, just black ones with a black long sleeve shirt.

"No! Shut up. She's annoyed at me as it is, if she finds me living here with a guy and my usual clothing, she'll decapitate me and then drag me home in a body baf." Hunter laughed, patting the stop next to him. Reluctantly, I walked over and sat down next to him. "Oh, if she uses my full name, I'm in deep shit," I added and he grinned, looping his arm over my shoulder. He didn't make any attempt to pull me closer which was fine, I didn't exactly want him molly coddling me.

"She'll love me." He winked, causing me to roll my eyes. I'd warned Kenzi the night before and she'd brought some of her things up to our apartment so it looked like she lived with us. I'd just tell my mum that she was in classes.

When the doorbell buzzed, I had a mini heart attack. Walking to the door was like walking to my death and even though I hadn't done anything wrong, my heart was hammering so hard that I thought it was going to jump out of my chest and run away. It had the right idea.

Opening the door, I took a deep breath, waiting for the sight of my mother, shooting me a glare.

"Andrea," she replied. Looking at me and then peering into the flat behind me. I stood aside, allowing her in. Both Hunter and I had spent the morning cleaning up and had planned to cook dinner as well, just to convince her to let me stay. My mum letting me go to university was a massive deal; she was far too overprotective for her own good, so staying was going to be difficult. If we managed to convince her that I was fine there, she would probably leave me alone for a few months.

"Mum," I answered, shutting the door behind her as she stepped gingerly inside. She didn't say another word as she inspected the first room on the left. Hunter's room.

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