Chapter 16

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 Not really happy with this chapter, it is more of a filler than anything else :)

Chapter 16:

                I had finally managed to kick Hunter out of the apartment so that Kenzi and I could ‘bond’. We were planning on going shopping but Kenzi had blown all of her money on an IPod dock, leaving us at my house with a takeout.

                “I don’t get why she hates me so much,” I grunted, taking another massive bite of my pizza. Kenzi shrugged, leaning back against the arm of the sofa with one leg curled under the other.

                “Because she’s jealous and has nothing better to do?” Kenzi offered and I smirked.

                “All I know is that she seems to think that she and Hunter are a couple.” Kenzi laughed, shaking her head, causing her hair to spill down her shoulders.

                “There is seriously something wrong with her. I think that having Hunter bluntly reject her is becoming a hobby of hers.” I chuckled, pushing the box in Kenzi’s direction so that she could have the rest. She didn’t hesitate in tucking in.

                “So, what’s going on with you and Seb?” I asked when she had swallowed her latest mouthful.

                “Well, I’m not really sure if I’m honest. I like kissing him but I don’t really want a boyfriend. Free spirit and all that jazz,” she added. I smirked, stretching out and resting my feet on her lap. She turned her nose up but didn’t try to shove them away.

                “So, you’ve basically got a roommates with benefits going on?” She shook her head, putting her half eaten pizza slice in the box.

                “Not exactly, we haven’t had sex yet,” she muttered but then fixed me with a strange look.

                “You’re one to talk anyway! Little Miss I’m just gonna snog Hunter’s face off whilst my best friend is looking for me in the other room!” she exclaimed and I chuckled, shaking my head. When she put it like that, it sounded completely and utterly bonkers.

                “It’s a bet,” I replied but she held up her finger to silence me.

                “You are not a betting kind of girl, nor are you a tattoo or a kiss the incredibly hot bad boy kind of girl,” she paused. “The change is good but if all I had to do to make you live a little was move you in with an asshole, I’d of done it years ago!” I laughed, pulling the box back for one final slice.

                We continued to talk about Hunter and Seb. Mainly Seb because I needed to find out more about him and talking about Hunter generally annoyed me.

                In the end, sitting in the apartment hadn’t gone to plan and we’d gone out to get a coffee as well as go to our afternoon seminar.

                “Hey, girls,” Seb’s voice found my ears just as we were leaving. Kenzi turned to give him a quick hug before getting all of the small talk out of the way. Playing the third wheel, as per usual, proved quite useful as I managed to listen in on what they were saying. Seb was moaning about something that happened between him and Hunter whilst Kenzi rambled on about how she thinks she’s going to fail at the latest dance routine.

                “I’m going to go but I’ll see you later,” I replied. Kenzi nodded, giving me a small wave before turning back to Seb. Seb, on the other hand, turned and gave me a quick squeeze before wishing me a goodbye. What was up with that? I wasn’t much of a hugger, only the occasional one when someone was upset. Being treated like a teddy bear didn’t overly appeal to me.

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